Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 845: Space Adventure (End of the World Crisis Arc)

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Chapter 845: Space Adventure (End of the World Crisis Arc)

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Everyone felt her decision was too sudden, but Xinghe had no choice, she was once again racing against time. The leader of the United Nations and Philip tried to persuade her otherwise, but it was no use.

It was not that Xinghe was stubborn, it was just that there was no better solution. They could not even send more people to go with her. They had to allow Xinghe to take this risk.

The United Nations awarded Xinghe with the highest honor for her sacrifice and contribution. They promised that, at the first sign of danger, they would do everything they could to save her. They would send their army to the moon to support her later.

The world would always be behind her back; they would not leave her to deal with this alone. Xinghe was appreciative and accepted their help. In return, she asked that they keep her adventure a secret. She did not want to be in the public eyes anymore, even if it might get her more praise and adoration.

The United Nations agreed to her condition. The details of her mission were kept confidential. Other than the higher ups, no one knew their next course of action. For the mission, they had prepared long into the night.

However, there was still one question on everyone\'s mind. Are the black energy crystals really be able to power a spaceship?

"They should be fine. The He Lan family has been using them as fuel, plus Shi Jian has confirmed that they are the best fuel source," Xinghe said confidently.

"None of us realized such a unique mineral exists on the moon. Provided they are not lying to us, if we research into this mineral in the future, the world will definitely welcome a great change," Chui Qian said with hope.

Xinghe agreed with him. This mineral would be immensely helpful to humanity. If they invested properly into it, the world would be a better place and the quality of life would have a drastic improvement.

Therefore, Xinghe\'s mission to the moon was of vital importance. She not only had to save those people but also had to find the mineral mines. Of course, none of that was the most important thing. The most important thing was to ensure that they returned safely.

Chui Qian advised Xinghe to put herself first and be on the lookout for her own safety.

"Don\'t worry, we will be careful. The time is almost up; we should be leaving," Xinghe said in parting, she did not want to drag this melancholic occasion any longer.

"Xinghe, you must take care of yourself," Ali told her with tears in her eyes.

Xinghe nodded and Sam patted himself on his chest. "Don\'t worry, I will protect her with my life!"

Mubai gave him a side-eye. Why must there always be someone who comes to usurp my responsibility?

"Sam, you also have to take care of yourself," Cairn reminded him.

"I will, wait for our heroic return. Alright, we have to go now!" Sam said excitedly. He was gleeful from the prospect of venturing into space. Ali suspected that he volunteered only because he wanted to go into space.

Then again, this was a space adventure, who wouldn\'t want that?

Alas, their ability was not as good as Xinghe\'s, their wallets were not as deep as Mubai\'s, and their strength was not as great as Sam\'s…

So, they could only watch them leave with unwillingness in their eyes. However, the fact that they were part of this moment was already good enough.