Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 844: Fight for the Last Spot

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Chapter 844: Fight for the Last Spot

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

George stepped out of the crowd and said that firmly. Hearing that, innumerable people also volunteered.

"Miss Xia, let me go with you. I know how to operate the spaceship, I am not afraid of the danger, I will go with you!"

"Me too, I am doctor, I can go with you."

"I will go! I have good computer skills. I can help you with the computers when you need me to. In fact, you can stay in the safety of the spaceship, and by communicating through the phone, I can be your proxy."

"No, I will go…"

"No, me…"

Xinghe was surprised by their camaraderie. Earlier, so many wanted her to die during He Lan Yuan\'s little game. She did not show it on her face, but she felt chilled being abandoned by the world. Now she felt touched realizing that so many wished to stake their lives for her sake. She knew then that the world was not entirely bad. Their love and trust alone made this risky adventure worthwhile for her.

"There can only be at most three people, so all of you can stop fighting. There is only one spot left," Xinghe said softly. Everyone was stunned. She was right, the He Lan family\'s base only had one spaceship and it could only carry three people.

Someone could not help but ask, "What happen to the second spot?"

Before Xinghe could reply, Mubai said proprietarily, "That spot belongs to me."

No one had any problems with that; it was only natural. Therefore, they had to fight hard for the last remaining seat. The group of people started fighting again.

Xinghe was honestly surprised. This was the first time she had seen people arguing with each other to take a dangerous risk. However, since all of them wanted to go, she had a hard choice picking the last candidate.

"Stop arguing!" Sam suddenly yelled. With his two arms folded, he said with a smug smile, "There is no point because the last spot is mine! All the seats have been filled, so you all can go back to work now."

"Why is it yours?" Ali grumbled.

"That\'s right, why is it yours?" Cairn and Wolf also complained. They also wanted to be part of the adventure.

Ee Chen smiled and said, "The last seat should be mine. No one here is more qualified than me."

He had to go find his father and he was also a computer expert.

Sam smiled facetiously in return. "You\'re wrong because I am the most qualified. Xinghe already knows computer and she knows how to operate the spaceship. She doesn\'t need a technician. Doctors can be exempted because the danger, if there is any, will be too big for a doctor to handle anyway. But I am different, I am good with any sort of weapon, so I can protect her. Hence, I am the best candidate."

"I also know my way around many different weapons; I can protect her," Ali said with dissatisfaction. "Xinghe, let me follow you. We are both females; we can look out for each other."

"This situation demands for a male presence, so I should go," Cairn said.

Sam laughed. "Can any of you beat me? If you cannot, then this seat is mine."

Wolf stepped forward and said provokingly, "How about a friendly match to find out then?"

"Fine, you\'re on! The challenge is open to everyone," Sam said regally. Many people went to join him for a brawl, even George joined.

Xinghe stole away to pack her luggage with Mubai. They prepared to leave the day after tomorrow.