Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 843: Only She Can Go

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Chapter 843: Only She Can Go

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Xinghe nodded. "Yes, because I have promised them."

"But what if this is a trick? Xinghe, He Lan Yuan hates you so much, this might be a trap to lure you up there," Ali warned her.

"Yes, you have ruined He Lan Yuan\'s scheme, so he must hate you deeply. This might be another one of his ruses to take revenge on you," Sam added anxiously. Almost everyone thought the same way. None of them wanted Xinghe to take this risk, afraid that this might be a trap.

"But what if this is real?" Xinghe asked.

"Even if it is real, you cannot take this risk. If they are unable to survive this ordeal, then that is their fate," Mubai said with direct cruelty. He was not that concerned about other people\'s survival. He only wanted Xinghe to be safe.

Xinghe shook her head. "If this is real, then I have to go. They said He Lan Yuan wanted to destroy Earth before he went mad. If I go back on my words, they might help He Lan Yuan finish his business."

Mubai smirked coolly. "Do you have such confidence in them? What if this is also a fake threat?"

"Do you really think that with their ability this is a fake threat?" Xinghe stared at him and asked.

Mubai\'s lips pursed into a thin line. Of course, he knew these people on the moon were capable enough to destroy Earth, he just did not want Xinghe to take unnecessary risks. Plus, why should it be her that had to do this? Hadn\'t she done enough?

However, he also understood this responsibility was hers alone…

Xinghe knew Mubai had compromised. She turned around to address the rest. "In the next two days, I will depart for the moment. If I die, you can do whatever you want with them. If nothing happens to me, I will bring them back safely."

"Miss Xia, is there no way for you to reconsider? This is not something that can be done in a rush."

"Yes, we will find a way to solve this problem."

"There is still half a month until the limit, right? We will figure out a way, there has to be one other than this."

"Miss Xia, in any case, we don\'t think you should take this risk."

After this period, the people at Galaxy Control Centre had increased admiration and respect for Xinghe. Therefore, none of them wanted her to take this risk.

Xinghe waited for them to finish before speaking seriously. "I know everyone means well, but if there was another way to resolve this, I wouldn\'t be going. Plus, many lives hang in the balance, those on Earth and in the sky. Since I am capable of helping them, I cannot sit around and watch them die. Therefore, I have to go."

The room was silent. Xinghe was right. If the people on the moon were left to die, they would probably bring the people on Earth down with them out of pure resentment alone.

If that happened, the blame would definitely fall on Xinghe\'s shoulders. Human loyalty is fickle. They would not hesitate to skewer her alive if that happened. They would not care about the praises that they had sung for her over the past few days.

Plus, she could not eclipse her conscience. Even though this might be a trap, she had to go; she had no choice.

Right then, everyone\'s mood was at an all-time low. Why must it be her? She had contributed so much, if there was anyone that should be exempted from future risk, it was her.

If possible, they wanted to take her place, but no one was able to do that.

"Miss Xia, I support you if you are intent on going, but you have to let me go with you."