Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 842: Only Hope

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Chapter 842: Only Hope

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"How come you guys did not rebel earlier?" Xinghe asked.

Shi Jian replied after a period of thought, "Because we were under his control and we held the hope to one day return to Earth. He had Earth\'s safety under his fingertips so there was no point in us revolting."

"How long until the explosion?"

"Less than half a month."

Xinghe was shocked, she had no idea they were so close to the limit. In other words, if she wanted to save them, she had to depart now, but they had not prepared anything yet.

"Miss Xia, you can take the spaceship in the He Lan family\'s launch base to reach a location near the moon base. It is not easy for us to contact you, but you are our only hope now," Shi Jian reminded her. Xinghe did not answer but went to sit in front of a computer. She then sent a simulated picture to Shi Jian.

When Shi Jian saw the picture on screen, he asked curiously, "Who is this? What is the meaning of this?"

"Do you not know her?" Xinghe asked with a slight frown.

Shi Jian shook his head. "I don\'t think so."

"She is the same as you, working for He Lan Yuan. Find her and she will be able to rescue you."

"Miss Xia, this person is not here!" Shi Jian said firmly. "I know everyone at the base and I have not seen this lady before. No one here is able to solve the system because it was designed by a scientist a long time ago, but no one has seen them since. You mean, this lady is that person?"

Xinghe\'s eyes lost some of their sparks. "She is really not there with you?"

"Yes," Shi Jian answered conclusively.

Xinghe was disappointed. She thought her mother would definitely be on the moon and they would meet again, but her trail had gone cold once more. Then where is she?

"If you wish to find her, then you have more reasons to help us. Only by coming here can you find out more about her, and we will help you locate her with everything we have. He Lan Yuan\'s plan is not limited to controlling Earth, his aim is the whole solar system and beyond, so he might have assigned her to another mission," Shi Jian suggested.

Regardless of the truth of his hypothesis, Xinghe had to go help them. This was the only way she would be able to find her mother. Furthermore, she could not just leave so many lives to die.

She was also worried that if she rejected, Shi Jian and the rest might turn on them and use their last reserve of energy to bring harm to Earth. Therefore, no matter what, Xinghe could not reject his request. She did not intend to reject in the first place.

Xinghe stared at him and answered pointedly, "Mr. Shi Jian, can I believe everything that you\'ve told me?"

Shi Jian answered seriously, "I swear on my life! Furthermore, there is no benefit for us to lie to you. The most we can do is to persuade you to come to the moon, if we really harmed you, I believe the rest of the world would never forgive us."

"Okay, I will figure out a way to help you," Xinghe promised.

Shi Jian broke into a smile immediately. "Miss Xia, I represent everyone here in thanking you! We believe in you. We shall await your arrival."

After ending the communication with Shi Jian, Mubai immediately asked Xinghe with a frown on his face, "Do you really plan to go?"