Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 838: Rather Be Single

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Chapter 838: Rather Be Single

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He then turned and left.

Sam asked with disbelief, "He let us go so easily… Am I dreaming?"

They knew about the depths of Mubai\'s envy, after all, they almost died under his hands once. The fact that he was so approachable then was… unsettling to say the least.

Cairn said with uncertainty, "It should be fine."

Then, what was this sinking feeling in their stomach?

Their anxiety was not unfounded because Mubai did take revenge against them eventually!

Through some hidden channels, Mubai leaked the pictures for the three of them to the public, causing the public to realize they were Xinghe\'s close friends, and that they were instrumental in Xinghe\'s crusade against He Lan Yuan.

The three of them were good looking guys to begin with and the females all over the world swooned over them once they knew about their existence. All three of them cut sorry figures hiding from their pursuers.

Before this, they were hoping for a girlfriend to escape their single status, but now… there were so many girls falling at their feet that they felt like they were drowning in them. They were living lives similar to fugitives, but it was worse. To be perfectly honest, they would rather have continued their single lifestyle than suffer this fate…

However, those were later concerns.

After Mubai left, he went to look for Xinghe. Xinghe had kept herself sheltered after dealing with the satellites. She had been busy discussing the next step of her plan with the United Nations. The threat of the satellites might be over, but He Lan Yuan was still alive.

He Lan Yuan did not attempt to contact them again. The few remaining satellites worked normally but they did not receive any signal from the moon again. The various countries were planning to launch more satellites to check out the situation on the moon. They even intended to send their military there.

Galaxy Control Centre failed to contact He Lan Yuan as well. As most of the satellites fell, communication between the two parties ended.

It is worth noting that any satellites that wished to be launched in the future would liaise with Galaxy Control Centre. The signal tower would be Earth\'s biggest information control center.

Xinghe was not stingy with her skills. Almost every known experts came to the tower because they wanted to know how Xinghe managed to wrangle the control of the satellites away from He Lan Yuan. Xinghe told them everything they wanted to know.

The method she employed was actually very simple. He Lan Yuan was surprisingly singular in his system outline; he used the same system for almost all of his technology.

In other words, for all his system, there was a central defense point. This would normally be a weakness, but since the system design was so crazily good, He Lan Yuan was brazen enough to use the same system for all his technology.

In other words, by hacking one of them, one would have managed to hack the rest. Therefore, from the moment Xinghe cracked the defense system at the He Lan family\'s launch base, she would be able to replicate the same result for the rest of He Lan Yuan\'s systems. That was how she managed to take control of those satellites.

Under normal circumstances, this would not have been possible because the defense system was unusually strong. No human being should be able to crack it. Unfortunately for He Lan Yuan, he did not account for Xinghe\'s inhuman computer skills.