Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 835: Just to Kill You

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Chapter 835: Just to Kill You

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

If possible, they would rush outside to strangle these despicable people. They had really crossed the line!

They helped He Lan Yuan go against one of their own. These people had no clue how much Xinghe had done for this world. But it did not matter, because these people would soon know just how dumb and despicable their actions really were.

"The world\'s enemy?" Xinghe laughed. "That honor rightfully belongs to you."

He Lan Yuan laughed smugly. "Who dares make me their enemy‽ I have the whole world under my control, my words are final! If I want you to be the public enemy, then you will become the public enemy! Now, do you understand what the consequences for coming after me are? I will give you another ten seconds, if you do not commit suicide before then, part of the world will die because of you."

He Lan Yuan had lost his interest in the cat and mouse game. He glared at Xinghe and started counting with cruel glee. "Ten!"


His every countdown sent fear into many people\'s hearts. Most of them started crying from despair. They were afraid He Lan Yuan would really drop a satellite bomb on them. At that moment, their only hope was Xinghe. If she heeded his advice and committed suicide, then they would be safe.

The people on the streets knelt to beg her, to cry and to weep. Looking at these open demonstrations, Xinghe was unmoved. Others started rampaging out of anger and cursed as loud as they could. Needless to say, parts of the world were angry at her. Why couldn\'t she just kill herself to save the world?

He Lan Yuan continued his sick countdown. He did not stop to take his breath. The ten seconds were going to pass by in the blink of an eye.

"He Lan Yuan." At the last three seconds, Xinghe suddenly called his name. The world was silent, waiting to see her response. He Lan Yuan thought she was finally going to surrender.

"What, tired of struggling?" he asked matter-of-factly.

"I just want to tell your people, only by killing you will this beautiful world accept them. Only by killing you will true freedom be theirs. They will no longer be submitted to your threat and pressure!"

"What did you say‽" He Lan Yuan\'s face dropped immediately. He thought Xinghe was finally afraid; he did not expect her to encourage his people to rebel against him.

Xinghe\'s continued fearlessly, "I am sure they have heard what I have to say. Only by killing you will they be free. No one will be able to take away their freedom and happiness then, no one!"

He Lan Yuan\'s face turned ugly because he realized Xinghe\'s words really got transmitted into space, into his base. This is impossible. The communication should be one-directional. They shouldn\'t be able to take over the signals of my base. What is going on?

He Lan Yuan finally realized something was wrong. Actually, he should have known that when Xinghe took over the electronic signals of the whole world.

"What have you done‽" He Lan Yuan demanded viciously, and a sinking feeling settled in his stomach.

Xinghe\'s lips curved into a smile, her gaze sharper than his.