Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 834: Her Showdown with He Lan Yuan

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Chapter 834: Her Showdown with He Lan Yuan

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

These two degenerates should have killed themselves and not drag the whole world down with them!

"Yes, they have chosen to protect us, do you know why?" Xinghe asked pointedly.

He Lan Yuan asked with much amusement, "Why is that? Do tell."

"Because I can defeat you."

He Lan Yuan was visibly taken aback like he could not understand what she said. "What did you say?"

"I can defeat you," Xinghe repeated, stressing every word. This time, even the whole wide world could hear her clearly.

He Lan Yuan started laughing as his chilling gaze fell on her. "Miss Xia, your ego is still as big as ever. And here I thought that our little game would teach you some humility."

However, his lessons fell on deaf ears; she was still as fearless as ever!

"There is no need to be humble before a villain," Xinghe replied fearlessly. He Lan Yuan had to admit he had not met such a fearless woman in his life before.

"Not bad, you definitely have guts. I feel bad because you are a talent, but there is no way I can let you live. Xia Xinghe, since you were not killed, why don\'t you commit suicide? Make it a live performance, and make the viewers happy," He Lan Yuan suggested with a smile. The cruel request sounded like nothing coming out of his mouth. This went to show how twisted this man was. Killing was probably at the same level as eating for him.

Many were silent from fear hearing his request. If this man was allowed to rule the world, their ending would not be pretty.

However, some adored his cruelty and cheered him on endlessly. They cheered for Xinghe to kill herself. At that moment, the world had gotten crazy. However, for Xinghe\'s group, they did not have the time to care about the world, this was a showdown between Xinghe and He Lan Yuan.

"I love my life. You are not qualified enough to ask me for my life," Xinghe responded easily.

He Lan Yuan smirked. "So, you are willing to let innumerable innocent lives die in your place, right?"

"What are you planning to do?" Xinghe asked.

He Lan Yuan replied with authority like a king, "Do you know how far my satellites have spread? They cover every inch of the seven continents. I can choose to destroy any corner of the world as I wish. It could be Country A, Country R, or even Hwa Xia! How about this? If you do not want to kill yourself, then you can choose a country to die in your place."

The moment He Lan Yuan said that, the people from the few countries he named had their hearts at their throats!

They were afraid that Xinghe would not surrender and kill herself, then they would have to die.

If Xinghe\'s secret location was revealed, it was certain that the place would be swarmed and Xinghe and Mubai would be torn apart.

Even the innocent public had gone crazy. They crowded the streets of their cities and they screamed for Xinghe to kill herself. Their collective voice was so loud that even He Lan Yuan in space could hear them.

He Lan Yuan took the video and showed it to Xinghe. He said smugly, "Look at this, so many people want you to die. If you do not commit suicide, then you will become the enemy of the whole world."

Looking at the people who screamed at the top of their lungs for her to die, Xinghe betrayed no emotions in her eyes.

However, many who cared about her watched this with anger burning in their eyes.

The people at the signal tower were incredibly incensed!