Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 833: She Is Still Alive

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Chapter 833: She Is Still Alive

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But now, also because of them, the world was in apocalyptic danger. However, it was not that they were dangerous themselves, it was because of the way mankind treated itself.

Tonight, Xinghe was going to help the world removing this biggest threat. All of the world was going to witness this momentous moment. Everyone was excited of the prospect, and they were honored to be a part of such a noble project, to take part in such a momentous and historical moment.

Of course, before that, they had to wait for He Lan Yuan to appear first. He was an instrument part of the plan. They wanted to see his reaction when he realized his plan had failed, they would savor every bit of it.

He Lan Yuan did not disappoint, because he appeared not soon after that. If there was one good thing about him, it was his sense of time. He appeared exactly 72 hours after his previous appearance.

The screens at Galaxy Control Centre and all over the world were filled with his face again. Similarly to before, He Lan Yuan was as impeccably dressed as ever and his smile was fixed at that crooked angle. Those that feared him would unconsciously felt chilled from head to toes and those who admired him would swoon and cheer.

However, He Lan Yuan only paid attention to Xinghe\'s group. Facing the camera, he smiled thinly. "Ladies and gentlemen, it has been such a long time. How about you been over the past three days? I wonder if Miss Xia and Mr. Xi who I have named are still alive or not. If they are dead, then please raise your hands to let me see your answer. If they are still alive, then I will be disappointed because I was planning to give the world a satellite as present."

The world started to get worried hearing that. They had no idea whether Xinghe and Mubai were alive or not. If they were still alive, He Lan Yuan sounded crazy enough to drop a bomb on them!

When everyone was panicking, the screens all over the world changed again. Xinghe sat before the screens patiently, watching the world with her clear gaze.

"He Lan Yuan, I am sorry because we are still alive," she said clearly. There was no shred of fear in her voice. When the world saw her, their panic increased. The b*tch is still alive, this means that part of the world is going to get demolished!

He Lan Yuan was shocked because Xinghe had the capability to control so many signals. He had truly underestimated her. Looks like this woman is really capable, leaving her alive will definitely be a threat in the future.

He Lan Yuan smiled coolly and again took over all the signals. However, this time, both Xinghe and he appeared on screen. This was much more convenient for them to converse and easier for the world to hear what he had to say.

"Not bad, you two are still alive, looks like I have underestimated you. I thought the whole world combined would definitely be enough to squash the two of you. The United Nations have chosen to protect you two, haven\'t they?" He Lan Yuan said in his usual tone, but the things he said were curiously hair-raising. His anger and annoyance were palpable and he seemed ready to dispense his punishment.

At that moment, the whole world\'s resentment towards Xinghe and Mubai greatly heightened.