Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 832: Project Galaxy vs Project Galaxy

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Chapter 832: Project Galaxy vs Project Galaxy

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"In this world, you are the one person we have the most trust in," Sam added with a smile. The rest nodded.

Xinghe was touched by their unconditional support. She swore to not disappoint them. Xinghe\'s group was led away by George to another secret base.

After Xinghe hacked the He Lan family\'s launch base system, she had already come up with a solution to deal with He Lan Yuan. The designs of the satellites revealed by the system confirmed her suspicion.

After hearing her plan, the United Nations chose to support her fully. Every one of them was working tirelessly to fulfil her plan. The United Nations gave her unconditional control over every resource in the world. With such a deep support, Xinghe\'s plan was moving very smoothly.

There was immeasurably progress each day. After three days, they finally managed to build an enormous signal tower at the secret location. This signal tower would require at least one month to build under normal circumstance. However, with the support that she had, it only took three days.

Everyone was excited when the tower finished building. They awaited the miracles that this tower could bring. They even gave the tower a name, the Galaxy Control Centre!

Xinghe was surprised by this naming convention. "Why did they call it that?"

Mubai laughed and said, "This is your design, naturally, it has to be named after you."

Ee Chen added with a smile. "Plus, it is to counter Project Galaxy that you designed this tower, so this name is perfect."

"I agree! If the plan succeeds, then this signal tower will a historical landmark, a symbol to mark a generation," Ali said excitedly.

Sam joked, "Why don\'t we call the plan Project Galaxy as well? A showdown between two \'Project Galaxy\'s and we will see who is better!"

"That\'s not a bad idea." Cairn nodded in agreement. "But if they are called the same name, wouldn\'t it be confusing? How about Xinghe\'s Project vs Project Galaxy?"

"In that case, you might as well call it Good Project Galaxy vs Bad Project Galaxy," Ali joked.

"I still think it\'s easier to call both Project Galaxy, since the name does have a ring to it," Wolf also chimed in with his opinion.

Xinghe blurted out a laugh. "The name does not matter that much; the point is will the plan tonight will succeed or not?"

"I am sure it will," Mubai said confidently. "The side of good always win. Plus, this is your plan, I don\'t see it ever failing."

"Thank you." Xinghe nodded with resolution. They had no choice to power on anyway. There was only room for success.

Xinghe\'s gaze turned severely then and she said, "Let\'s go, the plan will begin soon."


The rest answered in unison. Then, they followed behind Xinghe as she strode into the control room.

Galaxy Control Centre\'s interior was huge. The control room had monitors that covered the four walls. They followed the situation in space closely. At the moment, innumerable satellites were circling around Earth.

These satellites were the greatest inventions of the modern era. Thanks to them, the era was improving leaps and bounds almost daily.