Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 830: Only I Can Deal with He Lan Yuan

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Chapter 830: Only I Can Deal with He Lan Yuan

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"Put down your guns, I also believe them," Mubai added. Since both of them had said so, Sam and his group had no choice but to lower their guns slowly. George was impressed by the two\'s resolution and his impression of them improved.

"You two really believe me?" he asked seriously.

Xinghe nodded. "Yes."

"Alright then, follow me!" he said suddenly.

"Where to?" Ali asked as her guard went up.

George replied coolly, "That is a secret. If you trust me then follow me, I guarantee I will not harm any of you."

"Impossible, unless you tell us where we\'re going, we will not follow you," Sam said solemnly. No matter what anyone said, Sam had a hard time believing him.

George smirked. "You have no choice. If you do not follow me, the two of them might just die out there. You have to understand that many people want their lives and the few of you are unable to protect their safety."

"You underestimate us, we…"

"We will follow you," Xinghe interrupted.

Ali and the rest turned to look at her with shock. "Xinghe, have you lost your mind? What if this is a trap?"

"Trap? Then it is this world\'s loss because I am the only one who can take down He Lan Yuan!" Xinghe said confidently. Both Chui Qian and George were shocked.

Xinghe looked at them and repeated, "Remember, at this moment, I am the only chance you have."

George had dropped his earlier condescension and promised solemnly, "Miss Xia, I have full faith in your capability, so please do not worry, nothing will happen to you all."

Xinghe believed him. "Then, I will follow Major George."

"It is my honor to have you place your trust in me!" George suddenly turned over a new leaf and treated her with respect. This change was curious for Ali\'s group to witness. Why did his attitude suddenly change? He really believes Xinghe is capable of taking down He Lan Yuan? Even if that is true, it does not mean that his superior and the United Nations have any reason to place their faith in Xinghe.

However, since Xinghe had chosen to trust him, Ali\'s group had no choice but to follow. As Xinghe and Mubai were led away, they moved to follow, because they were not going to let them out of their sight. Xinghe was touched by their concern; she was very glad to have made such a loyal group of friends.

She was also thankful that she had Mubai who would be in her corner supporting her unconditionally.

Xinghe did feel guilty for dragging him into this mess and causing him to turn himself into the world\'s target.

Mubai seemed to have read her thought because he said, "If I do not have to fortune to live with you then I have no regrets dying beside you. Do not feel sorry for me because I am really happy."

Xinghe chuckled humorlessly. "What is there to be happy about? If you really die because of me, then what a waste will that be."

Mubai tightened his grip on her hand and whispered, "You don\'t understand. As long as I am with you, even if we are going to hell, I am happy. I am happy just to be able to be in your presence."

Xinghe\'s eyes glistened and she squeezed his palm.

"I feel the same way," she whispered back.

She was thankful for his companionship and constant support. Mubai told her in a gentle tone, "So don\'t be afraid, because no matter what happens, I will always be by your side."