Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 829: Ensure Their Safety

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Chapter 829: Ensure Their Safety

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"I, George Alison, will only listen to the orders from my superior. You are not completely wrong because if my superior wants the two of them dead, I will follow my orders. However, without that order, even with a gun pointed at my head, I will not harm them. You people think too little of me, why would I follow He Lan Yuan\'s killing order‽"

"What if your superior orders you to kill them?" Ali argued.

"Then, they will have to die."

"Ingrate! Rubbish!" Ali cursed angrily. "If not for Xinghe, you would not have cracked the system here. Without them, none of you would have known about He Lan Yuan\'s conspiracy. All of you would have died without knowing what happened. They have helped you so much, and not only did you not thank them, you will kill them out of selfish reasons, you are worse than dogs!"

George\'s face darkened. "Lady, please watch your tone and what you\'re saying."

"If you want to kill them, then I am right, so why should I watch what I say?"

"But no one here wants to kill them."

"That does not mean that you will not receive order to kill them later."

The moment Ali said that, George\'s phone rang. That silenced everyone in the room. Everyone felt this phone call was extremely important. Perhaps it was George\'s superior calling to give his order…

Ali\'s group watched him carefully, they prepared to fire if George made the wrong move. George could tell who the caller was. He picked up the phone and answered it cautiously.

It was hard for others to hear what the person on the other end of the phone said but George stood up straight and answered seriously, "Yes, I understand, I know what to do… Yes, sir!"

As George hung up his phone, Sam and the rest tensed. The air in the room chilled. It felt like a gun fight was imminent.

George looked at them for two seconds before saying, "Please put down your guns. I have received the orders to ensure their safety and not take their lives."

Sam\'s group was shocked.

"You\'re not lying?" Ali asked cautiously.

George scoffed. "I am a soldier, I never lie about my orders! The United Nations have given their orders to protect their safety and I am the person responsible for this mission!"

"How is that possible? Killing them will allow the world another half a month of safety; not only did the not choose to kill them but also want to protect them? This is too suspicious."

George could not help but laugh. "So you want us to kill them instead?"

"I just think that order is too suspicious!"

"That is my order. It is beyond my concern whether you choose to believe it or not."

"Xinghe, we cannot trust them, this might be part of their plan," Ali reminded her.

Xinghe patted her shoulder and said calmly, "Put your guns down, I trust them."

Ali was taken aback. "But why? This is a trick."

Xinghe stared at George and said with a thin smile, "If they wanted to kill us, they would have already. Furthermore, killing me might be too big of a loss for them. At least until they are able to tell whether I can deal with He Lan Yuan or not, they will not harm us because we might be their only hope."


"I trust them," Xinghe said firmly.