Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 826: Let's Play a Game

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Chapter 826: Let\'s Play a Game

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"My mother\'s identity should not be your greatest worry. Your plan is now exposed to the whole human world, you should be thinking of a way to bend the world to your will before dealing with us. Do not worry, because we will always be waiting for you."

Xinghe continued after a short pause, "Of course, it does not matter even if you want to kill us now. Eventually, we will have to die if the world falls into your hands, I\'d rather die sooner than later."

He Lan Yuan knew she was playing tricks on him, but he walked into it willingly. "You are right, killing you now would be no fun for you. I will have to capture you all and personally administer the torture, that will be more fun. Furthermore, you people might still be useful to me, so I cannot allow you all to die so easily."

Xinghe laughed. "Don\'t worry, not only will we not die, we will also ruin everything you hold dear!"

He Lan Yuan continued laughing maniacally because he found Xinghe\'s threat much too hilarious. Other people looked at Xinghe like she had gone crazy. Does she know what she is saying?

Instead of placating He Lan Yuan, she kept on provoking him by saying something like she would ruin everything he held dear. Had she grown tired of living?

He Lan Yuan also thought she had lost her mind. A frosty smile appeared on his face as he said, "Little girl, you sure have a mouth on you! Haven\'t your parents taught you to be humble? You are still too young to challenge me, maybe try again in your next life. Remember, Earth\'s survival is in my hands!"

"So what? Press that button and you will rule over an empty world. As long as I am still alive, I will find a way to end you," Xinghe continued fearlessly.

Mubai suddenly chimed me, "And me, Xi Mubai! Remember, you are on my hit list as well."

This time, He Lan Yuan\'s chuckle was deeper and darker. He stared at the both of them and nodded. "Fine, fine. If you two are so courageous, how about we play a game? Hear me out, if you two are still alive in three days, I will ignore this offense, how does that sound?"

"What kind of game are you talking about?" Xinghe asked.

"You will find out soon enough." He Lan Yuan smiled mysteriously. The next second, the world\'s internet and television was taken over by him again. He was controlling all the satellites, so this was something he could do whenever he liked.

People all over the world parked themselves in front of their TV sets and computers, afraid that they might miss him and thus some important news. When he popped up on screen again, the world held their breath in fear and anticipation.

He Lan Yuan faced the whole world and flashed his handsome smile. "Ladies and gentlemen, we meet again, how are you all doing?"

Xinghe\'s group had their faces drawn, they knew what he was up to.

After the insincere greeting, He Lan Yuan laughed slowly and said, "There is still half a month left until the designated deadline. I know, the days must have been torturous for all of you. Afraid that your end will come after half a month, right? Do not fear because I am not that cruel. Understand that I am a fair and kind ruler. Now, I am going to give you another half a month to consider your options. Aren\'t you happy to hear that? But it is on a condition, don\'t worry, it is a small, small condition…"

Here, He Lan Yuan turned to look at Xinghe and Mubai. Taking in their solemn faces, he opened his mouth to announce…