Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 825: You Are Xia Xinghe

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Chapter 825: You Are Xia Xinghe

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

He Lan Yuan\'s face immediately dropped. "The lives of the whole world are in my hands! What is he compared to the world‽ I order you to kill him now! I advise you to not challenge my patience because none of you will be able to suffer the consequences."

"Kill me then," Mubai stood up calmly and his words were directed at George. "Major George, I do not want to put you in a rough spot, shoot me now, I do not mind."

He Lan Yuan witnessed his fearlessness and his face turned uglier. He said with a wicked smile, "Wait, I have changed my mind, I do not want his life now. Break his arms and legs and I will spare the world. You have one minute to come to a decision."

"You are envious of him, aren\'t you?" Xinghe suddenly opened her mouth to say.

Hearing her, He Lan Yuan\'s eyes turned vicious. He leaned forward slowly and glared at Xinghe like he was a demon from hell. His tone was eerily monotonous, "What did you say?"

Xinghe\'s calm and clear eyes stared back at him. "I said, you are envious of him, aren\'t you?"

"I am envious of him?" Each word of the sentence was dripping with murderous intent as He Lan Yuan squeezed them out of his gritted teeth.

Xinghe maintained her composure and replied, "That\'s right, if not, why you would hate someone like him so much? He Lan Yuan, you see yourself as above everyone else, so why else would you be so petty with a normal person if not for envy? Furthermore, the person who hacked the system was not him but me, so you have the wrong person."

"Stop speaking nonsense!" Mubai immediately frowned with dissatisfaction.

Xinghe said softly, "You are the one who should stop with the nonsense. I am the one who cracked the system, that is the undeniable truth."

He Lan Yuan suddenly started to laugh. His smiling yet chilling eyes fell upon Xinghe. "Woman, you have guts, I\'ll give you that. Tell me, what is your name? I might forgive him if you can entertain me."

"Xia Xinghe."

"Don\'t tell him!"

Xinghe and Mubai spoke at the same time, one of them was composed, another anxious.

Mubai grabbed her arm and demanded angrily, "Why did you tell him?"

Xinghe knew what he was worried about. Her name would definitely garner He Lan Yuan\'s unwarranted attention. However, even if she did not reveal it then, He Lan Yuan would find out sooner or later through other methods.

She shoved Mubai slightly back and faced He Lan Yuan directly. "You heard me? My name is Xia Xinghe."

He Lan Yuan had been glaring at her with a predatory gaze. However, Xinghe did not shiver like a prey. He said darkly, "You are Xia Xinghe, the woman He Lan Chang reported to me about?"

"That\'s me."

He Lan Chang must have told He Lan Yuan everything about Xinghe and He Lan Yuan was also investigating the leak in Project Galaxy. Alas, until now, they had not found the identity of Xinghe\'s parents. However, what was certain was her mother was one of his pawns.

"Who is your mother? Tell me your mother\'s name and your man will live," He Lan Yuan threatened openly.

Xinghe smirked coolly. "I am sorry, but I have no idea what my mother\'s name is. She did not tell me anything about her, so I cannot help it even if you do not believe me."

"So, you\'re not going to tell me the truth, is it?" He Lan Yuan smiled evilly. "Fine, I will drop two satellites then."

"Isn\'t your plan to rule over this world? Making the whole world your enemy does not seem to align with your goal."