Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 823: Historical Moment

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Chapter 823: Historical Moment

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"What did you say‽" George was enraged by the humiliation.

"What, did I say something wrong?" Sam raised his brow in return.

"Stop arguing," Xinghe said softly. She looked at George and said, "Major George, from now on, I am the leader of this operation. Now I need you to order your men to come in here and copy all the information in these computers. They might be erased once we are found out."

George might not be satisfied with this arrangement, but he was a responsible soldier. Xinghe\'s warning was not unfounded. If He Lan Yuan realized they have hacked the system, he might have ways to destroy everything.

He did not waste time and ordered his men to do what Xinghe asked. Xinghe nodded satisfactorily, at least, he did not waste all his time on petty squabbles.

Both Mubai and Ee Chen also went to help. Each of them manned a computer, copying and studying the information stored in the computers. The information that was revealed made everyone\'s jaw drop!

It contained intricate designs of satellites and spaceships. It also listed down the time and date for each successful satellite and spaceship launch. The most surprising thing was how many people they had launched into space.

The member list was at least a few hundred people long. In other words, there were at least several hundred people living in space, or on the moon. They had really migrated to the moon and built a base there!

Each piece of information was shocking. George had his hands full, he kept on calling his superior to report latest findings that happened every other second. When the country leaders found out about this, they were also plenty shocked.

It was truly a historical moment when the computers were hacked. Chui Qian brought his men to personally look over the area. The whole launch base was heavily surrounded; no one was allowed to get ten kilometers from the premise without a permit.

The control room was hectic. The phones kept on ringing, representatives and ambassadors from various countries were there collecting and reporting information. The situation was chaotic.

At that moment, everyone was of one mind. They collected, arranged, studied, and parsed the information together.

Just as the process continued, suddenly all the computer screens changed!

He Lan Yuan\'s perfect face appeared on the screens suddenly. When everyone saw him, they were appropriately spooked. Some yelped out loud while others fell from their chairs. Even the soldiers subconsciously trained their weapons at his face on screen!

Everyone took several cautious steps back and there was hidden fear on their faces. Even though they had only seen this man once before, he had managed to instill fear in everyone\'s heart.

Therefore, the number of people who could keep their cool at that moment was small. Xinghe\'s group stood their ground. Even though they were also surprised by his sudden appearance, they calmed down quickly and stared at him with icy gazes.

He Lan Yuan picked up on their reactions and smiled charmingly. "Looks like you people are not so happy to see me."

Isn\'t that a given? Who would be glad to see you‽

The people there were not dummies, they started to surreptitiously locate the cameras. This control room must be controlled by him somehow.

He Lan Yuan smiled meaningfully and said, "I am surprised that you people managed to break through the defense system here. That honestly is quite surprising."