Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 822: Cracked

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Chapter 822: Cracked

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

This George was truly one hell of a negative Nancy. Xinghe was done being nice to him. She glared back at him and said coolly, "Then open your eyes and watch careful."

She then planted herself in front of a computer and started to work. This time, she did not ask them to leave because she was no longer afraid of disturbances. No one, not even George, dared to disturb her when she worked. However, they could not stop themselves from moving to stand behind her to see what she was up to.

They saw Xinghe\'s fingers fly across the keyboard with unimaginable speed, and endless code appeared on screen. However, they had a hard time understanding what it all meant. In fact, they did not even have time to study the codes because they only appeared for a few seconds before they were shoved off screen.

This the first time George had seen Xinghe in her element. In spite of everything, he was impressed by her speed and capability. However, he doubted she really knew what she was doing. They had a hard time catching up to the codes that appeared on screen and they were only doing the watching, Xinghe had to deal with typing as well. Could Xinghe really be that good?

Needless to say, the answer was yes. No one was more familiar with computer language than Xinghe. The codes might look strange to others and they would need some time to process them, but they were like a language she had mastered to Xinghe. She would know what they meant only by scanning them. In fact, she was more familiar with computer languages than human language.

They were part of her identity, something inscribed into her bones. She knew them better than she knew her mother tongue…

She utilized the computer language with a dexterity and creativity reserved for one\'s mother tongue. With such capability, it was not hard for Xinghe to eventually take down the system.

Due to her earlier hacking effort and analysis, Xinghe had no difficulties hacking through the central defense point. In truth, the hard part was not the hacking but not activating the trigger-happy self-destruct sequence. Once the central defense point was found, hacking it meant the self-destruct sequence would be unable to be activated. In other words, the rest was practically cake walk after locating the central defense point!

Under everyone watchful and anxious gaze, Xinghe hacked through the central defense system easily and perfectly. Overall, she used less than half an hour.

"Done, everything is cracked open." When she turned around to say those words, everyone was still in shock.

Confused by their lack of reaction, Xinghe repeated herself with a frown, "I said I am done."

"You did what‽" George asked with utter disbelief.

Xinghe smiled and confirmed, "I said I have hacked through the system, the computers here can be accessed normally now. There is no need to worry about a system wipe anymore."

"Impossible!" George retorted because it was his nature to. "Only how little time has passed, how could you do that so fast?"

"Major George might think that is impossible but that is the truth," Mubai said with a wicked grin. "The truth is right before your eyes, why should we lie to you?"

"That\'s right, this is the truth! Told you our Xinghe is better than your whole team combined and only she could unlock the system of these computers, now do you believe us?" Ali questioned smugly.

Sam added snidely, "Certain people really need to be slapped in the face with the truth before they are willing to admit their ignorance."