Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 821: Mubai as Her Only Witness

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Chapter 821: Mubai as Her Only Witness

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Therefore, she hacked into the supercomputer without wasting much time and with no accidents. However, she only had five minutes to use this supercomputer to trace the central defense point, as five minutes later, the system would reboot.

Furthermore, Xinghe had no idea if the system would shut down completely after numerous reboots. Therefore, it was best if she could succeed on her first try or the risk of failure might drastically increase.

The five minutes were instrumental for Xinghe. Mubai did not disturb her, he stood guard at the door to prevent anyone from coming in. The spacious control room was filled with the tapping sound on the keyboard. For this important moment, Mubai alone was her witness. No one knew how much pressure was on Xinghe\'s shoulders. She was fighting for the safety of the whole world.

Her calm composure did not bely her internal struggle, but Mubai understood the pressure that she was under, her sacrifice and her hardship.

Watching her fight, a sense of pride blossomed within Mubai. At that moment, he was extremely proud of Xinghe.

She was the most impressive woman he had ever met in his life, she occupied that one unique space in his heart that was reserved for no one less. No matter the result, her importance in his heart would not be affected. No matter what happened in the future, no one would be able to shake her position in his heart. Of course, he completely believed that she would succeed.

The time ticked by second by second. For Ali and the rest, it passed by in the blink of an eye, however for Xinghe and Mubai, it was glacially slow, the five minutes felt as long as a century. The one door seemed to split the dimension of space and time into two.

For those inside the door, every second was spent in extreme pressure and nervousness. It was nerve-wrecking for Mubai who stood watching much less Xinghe who had the fate of the world in her fingers.

However, even under such great pressure, Xinghe still succeeded. During the last minute, she finally found the location of the central defense point!

Xinghe sprung up suddenly and could not help herself from announcing, "Found it—"

Her voice shattered the atmosphere in the room that had frozen. Mubai looked at her as a smile slowly materialized on his face, "What did you say?"

Xinghe replied happily, "I have found it, I have done it!"

There was a glow in Mubai\'s eyes. The moment he took a step forward, the door behind him burst open and a group of people piled into the room.

"Have you done it‽"

"Xinghe, have you cracked it‽"

George\'s suspicious question and Ali\'s excited cheer sounded at the same time. All of them stared at her with disbelief. How could she have done it so soon, only several minutes had passed‽

Xinghe was surprised by their sudden entrance. She said nonchalantly, "I have done the first step but not the whole system, however I am sure the real success will be mine soon."

Regardless, Ali\'s group was overjoyed. "Xinghe, I know you can do it! You are the best."

George smirked with derision. "So, in other words, you have not succeeded. A failure is a failure, don\'t try and call it by another name. How can you possibly do something so many more capable experts have failed to do? So, before you have cracked the whole system, do heed the lesson of humility or you might stand to have more to lose!"