Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 820: Just the Two of Us

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Chapter 820: Just the Two of Us

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Xinghe was up for the challenge. She would use the truth to prove them all wrong. Escorted by Chui Qian\'s men, Xinghe\'s group was led back to the base.

At the same time, George received notification from his superiors. When he saw Xinghe again, he said with scorn, "I underestimated you. I really did not expect for you to be so well-connected that you were able to influence the people up top."

"Regardless of my connections, they would not have allowed me back if I had no confidence in cracking this defense system. So, do not get too hung up on my connections, at a time like this, capability speaks the loudest," Xinghe countered with style.

George was startled. He had to admit that Xinghe made much sense. His prejudice against her decreased slightly, but not enough for him to have faith in her.

"Fine, but I have to warn you, you\'d better not ruin any of the computers here. If any of information inside is lost, even God will not be able to save you!"

"You don\'t have tell me that, I know that already," Xinghe said with a raised brow. "Can I enter now?"

George hesitated but he had no choice but to move aside for them. Xinghe told Mubai, "The two of us will go in, the rest of you wait outside."

"Are you sure?" George scoffed with derision. "The two of you can handle something this big?"

"Of course, Xinghe and Mr. Xi work best with each other. The two of them are more than enough to handle something this scale. Your men will only disturb them if they follow," Ali said directly.

George smirked coolly. "Fine, if they are really that good, then I hope I will be impressed. Just make sure not to disappoint us."

"I also hope Major George will remember that this operation will go under our jurisdiction if we are successful," Mubai said indifferently before pulling Xinghe into the base.

George\'s dark eyes followed them, and he sniffed in derision. He did not think they would be successful. After all, the world\'s experts could not do anything regarding this defense system, much less the two of them.

They had better not disappoint him, because if they failed, he would be ready to skin them alive for wasting his time!

Therefore, he had to give them a deadline. George waved one of his men over and said, "Go and tell them if they are unable to solve the system within the next 24 hours, they will be punished according to military law!"

"Yes, sir." His soldier went in to relay the news. Xinghe replied without even acknowledging him, "Okay."

The soldier was rather annoyed by their reluctance to acknowledge him so he coughed and repeated, "Remember, you only have one day to do this, this is the greatest kindness our Major will allow you."

"You done?" Xinghe asked in return.

"I am done."

"Then get out, stop wasting our time."

The soldier was startled, however, he turned and walked out. Xinghe seated herself before the supercomputer that she\'d cracked earlier and Mubai asked with concern, "Is there anything wrong?"

Xinghe shook her head. "Nothing. I am just worried this might not be successful."

"No matter, not being successful does not equate to failure, don\'t give yourself too much pressure."

"Okay." Xinghe nodded before starting to operate the computer. She had to re-hack this computer\'s security system. The defense system for all the supercomputers there was insanely good. Even if it was hacked, it would not remain open for long. Therefore, Xinghe had to redo the hacking constantly. Thankfully, the hacking method was already seared into her photographic memory mind.