Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 819: Add in Country Y and Hwa Xia!

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Chapter 819: Add in Country Y and Hwa Xia!

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"Therefore, you will have to wait. There is nothing we can do at the moment," Chui Qian said helplessly.

Mubai frowned. "Now, every minute is important, and we are going to waste three days, really? The world is probably going to end because of their pettiness!"

"We have to do it now, we cannot waste any more time," Xinghe added. They were half a month away from He Lan Yuan\'s deadline. After breaking down the defense system, they still had to come up with ways to deal with him. They were already running low on time, so they really could not afford to waste three days waiting.

Chui Qian turned serious and asked Xinghe, "Do you have confidence you can do this?"

"Honestly, I cannot say I am hundred percent confident, but I have 90 percent confidence. Furthermore, other than me, who can boast such a level of confidence? Therefore, no matter the result, I have to give it a try," Xinghe said in a serious tone.

Chui Qian nodded. "You are right. Okay, since you have such confidence, I will go to persuade them again, however, I don\'t think it will be successful. United Nations now has about fifty countries and my voice in there is barely heard."

After all Country R was not a big country.

"Then add Country Y and Hwa Xia!" Xinghe said suddenly.

Chui Qian was surprised. "Country Y?"

Hwa Xia being in her corner was understandable, but why Country Y?

"Xinghe is our country president\'s step-sister," Ali said proudly. Chui Qian looked at Xinghe with open disbelief. "For real?"

Xinghe nodded. "It\'s true, I can try to contact him, we can work together."

Chui Qian was truly impressed by Xinghe then. If Xinghe had Hwa Xia\'s support, then people might say because she was related to the Madam President, but if Xinghe was Country Y president\'s stepsister, then she was truly a capable woman.

Like Ancient Greece, Country Y might have a lot of in-fighting, but they were a really powerful military country. Almost every one of its citizens knew how to operate firearms. Their military was incredibly well trained. If they did not have to suffer from internal conflict, none of the country in this world could match them in military strength.

Both Country Y and Hwa Xia held powerful influence in United Nations. Therefore, with their combined support, their request would definitely be successful.

"Alright, let\'s not waste time then, we will contact them now!" Chui Qian said excitedly.

Xinghe contacted Philip and Hwa Xia\'s president immediately. After listening to her analysis, they were willing to lend her their full support. They were familiar with her capability, she was not one to brag for no reason.

With the request coming from three countries, the United Nations had to give, and they agreed to have Xinghe try her luck. However, Xinghe posed a condition, if she was successful, she would lead the rest of operation. They were not allowed to question her actions and to toss her out like a used rag after she cracked the system.

During a critical period like that, whoever was capable had the most say. Therefore, the United Nations agreed to Xinghe\'s demands easily. If she could really hack through the supercomputers and come up with a solution to deal with He Lan Yuan, then she would be the commander for the operation.

However, if she couldn\'t, then she would be stripped of all of her existing power.