Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 817: Then I Am Sorry

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Chapter 817: Then I Am Sorry

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George\'s face darkened immediately. "I was only being courteous, and you people think you can walk over me‽ Men, rough them up and toss them out!"

"There is no need for that, we are leaving," Xinghe said with a shrug before turning to take her laptop and papers.

"Wait, did you not hear me earlier? You are not allowed to take anything away from this premise." George stopped her with an order and his gaze seemed to want to tear her apart.

This time, even Ee Chen was angered. "But these things belong to us."

"Who knows whether you people are lying or not? For the sake of humanity\'s safety, I have to be immeasurably careful. You people are not allowed to take anything away, put those down immediately!" George ordered in a manner that brooked no argument. The army he brought immediately aimed their guns at Xinghe\'s group.

"This is too much!" Sam hissed with anger and his fists tightened.

A chill entered Xinghe\'s gaze and she said with a cold smile, "Since you will not allow us to take even our own things out then in that case…"

Then, she threw her laptop harshly on the ground. With a loud bang, the laptop smashed into pieces.

"You…" George glared angrily at her, a murderous aura radiating from his body.

Xinghe met his gaze fearlessly. "You don\'t need to worry, there is nothing important in my laptop. Furthermore, none of the computers here are hacked yet, so what do you think I can possibly take out of this place with me?"

"Do you know the crime you have committed by destroying the information here? Men, capture them all!" George ordered coldly. Before his men could move, Xinghe suddenly whipped out a letter of appointment for him to see.

"I am the main leader of this premise appointed by Country R\'s president. I am responsible for everything here. If you want to capture me, please do get the warrant from our president first. You might be from the United Nations, but you are on Country R\'s land! Major George, I will wait for you to come get me with the arrest warrant."

Xinghe then strode out of the room. Mubai and the rest followed. There was no fear in their stance, even with the gauntlet of guns pointed at them, they walked on like there was nothing in the world to fear.

For some reason, the soldiers felt pressured. George also did not order to detain them and watch them waltz out under his chilling gaze.

He believed they would not destroy the information there, but if he got his hands on such evidence, punishment was definitely due!

Just like that, Xinghe\'s group left the launch base. They had to leave because the place had already been taken over by the United Nations\' military. Their timing was perfect because Xinghe was just one step away from cracking the puzzle.

Even Xinghe felt saddened by that.

After they got into the car, Ee Chen asked Xinghe, "Have you really come up with the solution to deal with defense system?"

Xinghe nodded. "Yes, it just came to me before they barged in."

"That is so unlucky!" Ali sighed. "You just stumbled upon the solution and the place was taken over by a bunch of pompous douches."

Sam groused unhappily, "We should have continued tussling with them to buy you some time to hack the system."

Xinghe shook her head. "That won\'t be necessary. There are still other ways to go about this, the main point is we have found the solution."

"You are right. Let us go look for the president now, to get him to intervene," Cairn suggested.