Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 815: Central Defence Point

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Chapter 815: Central Defence Point

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Mubai was led along by Xinghe\'s train of thought and he seemed to have understood something. What Xinghe said next proved his suspicions.

She explained, "It is the same for the robot, the parts are all interconnected. It mimicked the human body, if one part of the body is hurt, then the whole body will feel the pain. Therefore, if one part of the body received serious damage then the whole body will be negatively impacted or even die. So, don\'t you think they are very similar in theory?"

Mubai\'s eyes darkened. "You are right, their design principles are indeed very similar, but how does this help us in any way?"

"To find the center!" Xinghe said excitedly, "There has to be a central nervous system, if we hack through that central defense point, the other defense systems will be immobilized."

"Where is the central point for the robot?"

"Naturally, the heart." Xinghe pointed at the heart on the blueprint. "If you destroy the heart, the robot is technically dead. Similarly, if you introduce changes to its heart then the remaining systems will change as well. It is because of the heart that the robot can even move in the first place. Therefore, it has to be the same for these supercomputers, if we can destroy the central defense point, the defense system will be destroyed following it."

Mubai\'s eyes glowed slightly. "If they have the similar design principle and they are both designed by your mother then the central defense points have to be same for both."

Xinghe nodded. "Yes, so what we need to do now is to find these supercomputers\' heart."

"But where would there be?"

Xinghe looked towards the supercomputers in the control room and the gears in her mind started spinning. After some time, she retrieved paper and pen and started drawing. Mubai snuck a peak at her drawing and understood what she was doing. He did not disturb her even though he was impressed by her thinking prowess.

Using the human simulation robot as the basis, Xinghe drew out the defense system of these supercomputers. Then, she pointed at the largest circle on the paper and said, "If I am not mistaken, this is the center."

Mubai voiced his concerns, "But finding this center requires plenty of trial and error. Won\'t it be too risky because the chance of failure is very high?"

"We do not need to try every single supercomputer. If we can hack through one, we can use this theory to follow through to reach the central defense point."

Mubai laughed. "Haven\'t you already hacked one?"

Xinghe also smiled in return. "That\'s right and we will be depending on it now!"

"Let\'s go."

"Okay." Xinghe was ready to move when Ali and the rest suddenly barged into the room.

"Xinghe, this is not good, the people from United Nations are here!" The moment they finished their sentence, a large man leading a group of people in military uniform was walking their way.

From their attire, Xinghe and Mubai could tell their identity instantly. To fight against He Lan Yuan, the United Nations created a special task force. The task force was a military unit. The military was indispensable since this was going to be a war. This task force had a unified attire and they were technically not under any country\'s control. They only answered to the United Nations. In other words, this task force was the strongest human unit on Earth.

Xinghe did not expect they would suddenly visit the launch base. The United Nations had already sent many computer experts to deal with the systems but almost all of them had returned without any progress.