Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 814: His Hardship

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Chapter 814: His Hardship

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Even if the situation was dangerous and nervous, his attraction towards her did not decrease, if anything, it had gotten stronger and more fatal. If possible, he was willing to spend the rest of his life looking at her.

Xinghe, on her part, did not know Mubai had been staring constantly at her. She had no clue that, for as long as she focused on problem solving, Mubai had been staring at her silently.

After who knows how long, Xinghe in deep thought suddenly cheered with contained excitement, "I\'ve got it!"

She turned to look at Mubai and grab his arm out of excitement. "I have discovered their relations! Mubai, I\'ve figured it out!"

The man\'s dark eyes had a glow in them. His lips curved into a faint smile and said, "Really? I knew you could do it."

"Yes, I have found the relationship. Do you know what it is? I am sure it will surprise you. Even I did not envision their relationship would be like this. They…"

Xinghe widened her eyes in shock because the man\'s face was suddenly right in front of hers. She did not expect such a sudden kiss. To be fair, Mubai did not know he was going to do that, but at that moment, he could not control the rush within him anymore. He could no longer control himself and compelled by passion, he leaned forward to kiss her.

Caressing Xinghe\'s face, Mubai kissed her deeply with some passion held back on his part. Breathing in her unique scent, the hysteria in his heart rose to ever-greater heights. However, he understood it was not the time to succumb to passion.

After the deep kiss, Mubai let her go unwillingly. Xinghe\'s world was spinning from the sudden kiss. They leaned into each other with their foreheads touching. Both looked into each other\'s eyes and both unwilling to ruin the moment.

Mubai traced his finger along her jaw and said in a sexy growl, "After this thing is over, will you remarry me?"

Xinghe nodded with a smile. "I will."

She already had no issues with the remarriage. Mubai responded with a smile and continued to kiss her. This time, Xinghe responded by kissing him back. This made Mubai grab her by her arms and pull her into a hug. He ended the kiss. With her head smothered in his chest, Xinghe blinked with confusion.

The man\'s helpless voice came from above her head. "Let\'s stop here or else I am afraid I might not be able to hold on much longer."

However, his deep breaths kept on coming and the strength of his hug did not decrease. Needless to say, Xinghe knew how difficult he had been trying to keep it under control. She could not help but laugh. She asked him a question to distract his attention, "Don\'t you want to know the answer to the question I asked you earlier?"

"What is it?" Mubai asked.

Xinghe climbed out of his embrace and said directly, "If I am not mistaken, the defense system in these supercomputers was designed by my mother."

It did the trick and Mubai gasped in shock. "How did you come to that conclusion?"

"Because the design theory is similar to the ones left in her blueprints," Xinghe continued her analysis. "Look at these defense systems, they are tied together right?"

Mubai nodded. "Yes, it does seem that way."

It was because the system of the supercomputers was so inextricably linked where one mistake could bring down the whole system that the problem was so difficult to solve. But what did that have to do with the design theory of the human simulation robot?