Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 810: Resolution

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Chapter 810: Resolution

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After such a long detour, they came back to this topic. It was true though, they still had to hack through those systems. The information inside them was their only ray of hope. However, such an insane system could not be undone, at least not in the time frame that they were given.

However, Mubai was not one to surrender either. He patted Xinghe lightly on her head and said, "I will help you with the system, but today you have to eat and rest properly. We will work tomorrow, is that a deal?"

"Deal." Xinghe accepted it with a smile. Mubai finally sighed in relief and responded with a smile. Xinghe ate her meal as promised and went to bed. Mubai slept beside her and the next morning, they were both prepared to throw themselves into battle.

A few experts who stayed were impressed by their conviction, but they did not think the two of them could solve the system. Only Ee Chen had full faith in them. He was perfectly clear on Xinghe\'s capability and her determination, therefore, he believed they could perform a miracle.

On her part, Xinghe did not come with a resoluteness to crack these passwords. She was only doing the task that was given to her. She did not worry herself over the result, she only knew she had to give this task everything she had.

Just like that, she and Mubai had been discussing ways to solve the problem. Initially, Ee Chen could still be part of the conversation, but soon, they had left him in the dust. Then, Ee Chen realized Mubai was also a computer genius. However, it was normally overshadowed by his business prowess. People only focused on his business acumen and did not realize what a good technician he was.

However, Xinghe seemed to be a tad better than him. Thankfully, he could still catch up to her ideas and pointed out important questions or details whenever necessary. They had come up with many different ideas but there was no solution.

The world outside had steadily declined into chaos. There were riots all over the world. Wars of varying sizes tore through the world and the number of daily deaths was increasing at an alarming rate…

Even if they could figure out a way to stop He Lan Yuan within a month, the world\'s economy and quality of life would have deteriorated by about ten years. It was why He Lan Yuan gave them one month to surrender, it was to decrease humanity\'s power.

He knew infighting would happen, so he purposely gave the people one month to fight it out among themselves. The man\'s thought process was cruel and precise, if the world fell into his hands, the result would definitely be chaos.

Therefore, Xinghe and Mubai had to succeed, because this no longer involved just them but the whole world. They shouldered the weight of the world and they could not shirk off the responsibility even if they wanted to.

However, such a complicated system could not be resolved so easily. Even a genius like Xinghe had problems facing it. Thankfully, both Xinghe and Mubai had the perfect attitude. Oftentimes, attitude played a bigger role than skill.

Almost everyone was in a state of anxiety and despair, but the two of them maintained their cool. They would not worry themselves over things that they could not control.

Witnessing this, Ali and everyone else tried their best to chip in whenever they could.