Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 807: Her Only Conviction

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Chapter 807: Her Only Conviction

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Hacking two supercomputers would trigger the self-destruct sequence and wipe out all the information. If you hacked the computers at the same time, it would also trigger the self-destruct sequence.

In conclusion, the trigger equipped in the supercomputers was insane. They were extremely trigger-happy. Only by providing the honest password could the computers be opened safely. The group of experts were powerless before such a crazy defense system.

They all suspected it was designed by He Lan Yuan. If his genius had reached such a level, then it was not hard to imagine the kind of crazy invention he would have invented. Unfortunately, his genius was utilized for the purpose of evil, if it was used for good, humanity would have benefited greatly.

Unhinged geniuses like him were extremely dangerous. Individuals like him would appear only a handful of times in history, either they would be one of the greats that propelled humanity forward or madmen that wrought heavy chaos to the world.

Therefore, if he was allowed to rule over the world, Earth would not be spared.

Honestly, in spite of the anger and disappointment, many wanted to see him in person. Even the experts had the intention to learn from him. However, He Lan Yuan was destined to be their enemy, the world\'s enemy, in fact, one of the world\'s greatest enemies in history.

They could not handle a system that he designed, much less him in person. After a long period of hard work, the experts left with heavy disappointment because they still could not hack through the system. No one wanted to continue wasting time there, they decided to channel their energy towards other efforts. The majority had chosen to give up on the He Lan family\'s launch base.

The only exception was Xinghe\'s group…

Xinghe spent her every waking hour trying to undo the mad systems. It had reached almost a point of obsession for her. After a few days of such actions, she had visibly lost weight.

Mubai and the rest took turn to ask her to take a rest, but their advice landed on deaf ears. No one could stop her once she had decided on her goal. The goal that she had given herself was to hack through these systems, to uncover all the information available on He Lan Yuan. This was her only conviction, the responsibility that she had shouldered.

However, Mubai and the rest could not understand why she was being so stubborn. Even though Mubai supported every one of her decision, she was actively harming her health which was where he drew the line.

Mubai, who finally lost his patience barged into the control room, grabbed Xinghe\'s wrist and half-dragged her out of the room.

"What are you doing?" Xinghe, who was shocked by all the sudden movement, asked with a frown.

The man did not answer but the strength in his arm that held onto her wrist and the icy profile openly radiated his displeasure. Xinghe\'s pupils darted around the hallway and she seemed to have understood something because she stopped struggling and allowed herself to be dragged away.

As she expected, Mubai pulled her to her room. On the table in the middle of the room was a scrumptious meal. He seated her before the table and ordered seriously, "You will have your meal, and then you will rest after that. Do not do anything else and you are not allowed to leave this room tonight, do you understand?"

Xinghe lifted her head to look at him. When she opened her lips to say something, Mubai directly glared at her.