Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 804: There Is Still a Chance

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Chapter 804: There Is Still a Chance

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It took Xinghe\'s group quite some time to reach president\'s house. They were held back by the madness that was happening along the way. Mass fisticuffs and muggings were happening in broad daylight. Many people had lost their minds and morality; law had lost all its meaning. Before He Lan Yuan destroyed the world, humanity was going to destroy themselves first.

Thankfully, the country had sent out their best law enforcement officers to maintain safety and order. If the whole country fell into anarchy, then, the world would truly be lost.

Chui Qian knew the severity of the situation outside. The numerous phones in his office couldn\'t stop ringing. He left his secretary to field the calls and rushed to meet with Xinghe\'s group. When he saw them, Chui Qian demanded angrily from He Lan Qi, "What is going on now‽ What have your He Lan family been up to? Also, hadn\'t that He Lan Yuan died, so who was that person in the video?"

He Bin could not give an answer, so he shrugged and said, "I have no clue."

"How can you not know? You are probably the only person in this world that should know what is really happening!"

"He is not He Lan Qi," Xinghe said calmly.

Chui Qian was surprised. "What did you say?"

"He is not He Lan Qi, so he cannot give you the answer you want, he really does not know anything. I will tell you everything in detail later, but now we are here because we want to ask you about He Lan Yuan."

Chui Qian laughed bitterly. "You came to ask me?"

Xinghe nodded slightly.

Chui Qian chuckled self-deprecatingly. "I had hoped you would tell me more about He Lan Yuan and you came to ask me? All this while, I knew that the He Lan family harbored enormous intention, I thought their aim was to swallow this country, but it turns out they want to rule the whole world! If I had known this would happen, I would not have gone after them. If their experiments were allowed to continue undisturbed then this He Lan Yuan would not have appeared and the world would still be safe! If the world is going to end, it is all my fault!" He Lan Yuan\'s appearance seemed to have created a lot of pressure for Chui Qian. His mental state was incredibly unstable, and his words were very much unlike his own.

Xinghe took a step forward and said, "Mr. President, I understand your anxiety, but this is not your fault, without you intervening, they would have made the whole world their enemy, if anything, you have done a good thing by drawing them out."

"A good thing?" Chui Qian lashed out at her. "What kind of good thing is this‽"

Mubai stepped in front of Xinghe and said coldly, "Is this not better than them coming out after everything is ready?"

Chui Qian took a silent step back as what they said percolated through his mind. Xinghe continued, "It is because of the He Lan family\'s downfall that He Lan Yuan was forced to show himself. He cannot allow the He Lan family to fall because he would lose his loyal servants. This is why he has to make himself known, even though I am sure their preparations have not reached their final stage. Even though we are not sure what kind of plan they are preparing for, the fact that it has not reached fruition is good news for us. At least we still have an opportunity to fight back. If he appeared after everything was set into motion, then we really would be sitting ducks."

Chui Qian frowned and said after a long thought, "You have a point, but how exactly are we going to fight back?"