Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 801: My Name Is He Lan Yuan

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Chapter 801: My Name Is He Lan Yuan

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

About ten manmade satellites were slowly moving to get close to each other, they moved to form a straight line. This change was so curious that other people noted it as well!

Everyone stared at these curious satellites and they were filled with surprise and suspicion.

"What is going on?" Ee Chen asked. The rest of them shook their heads, signifying their confusion.

The observatory\'s manager was equally shocked. "What are these satellites doing?"

Satellite movement was a common occurrence, but they were never in such a large scale and with such uniformity. About ten satellites were arranging in a straight line; something was definitely going on.

Mubai narrowed his eyes and said, "Someone is manipulating these satellites."

"Could it be that person…" Ee Chen said with equal measure suspicion and surprise. He did not specify the identity, but everyone knew who he was talking about. Sam frowned and said, "It has to be him!"

"Is he finally making a move?" Ali asked anxiously. Her question spread anxiety into everyone\'s heart. Ever since He Lan Long said the end of the world was coming, they had been worried. A few days of peace calmed them down but now this curious change signified to them that the end of the world was possibly coming after all.

However, what did that have to do with moving the satellites?

Xinghe\'s group could not understand why their opponent was doing this. They could only stare closely at the satellites on screen, waiting to see what happened next. However, after the satellites got into a straight line, nothing else happened.

While they were convening on what to do next, all the TV stations over the world were taken over by a similar signal. All the television screens changed into one identical video. It even took over the giant advertisement billboards, small mobile phones, and laptops. They were showing one identical video…

Everyone over the world who was using the internet or close to a device connected to the internet witnessed this sudden change. No one could react fast enough to this sudden change.

In fact, the first reaction for most was to be attracted to this inhumanely handsome man in a sharp suit that appeared on screen. His looks were so ethereal that they could literally take one\'s breath away.

Then, this man smiled graciously and opened his lips to say some really crazy words. His announcement was like a hydrogen bomb that rocked the peaceful human world!

"Ladies and gentlemen, nice to meet you."

His seductive and magnetic voice began. There was auto translation suited for the video that was broadcasted in different regions of the world. When he started speaking, the people in front of the television stopped their work and stared at him with their jaws open. Even the pedestrians walking on the street stopped in their tracks and raised their heads to watch the billboards.

As if anticipating everyone\'s reaction, the man in the video provided a slight smile and continued, "You must be surprised to see me so suddenly, but do not be afraid because I will rule over all of you soon enough. That\'s right, you did not hear wrong, I said rule. Now, let me make a simple introduction of myself, my name is He Lan Yuan and I am a scientist. I was the one responsible for designing Country R\'s first satellite, and I created many things after that, but I believe none of you about heard of them. But now, I have decided to stop with my modesty and announce to the world the result of my research from the past few decades."