Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 798: United Front

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Chapter 798: United Front

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Chui Qian soon received the report and he came personally to inspect the area. When he saw the spaceship, he said confidently, "I had no idea they had built something like this. The country has no record of whether they have launched something like this into space or not."

"They must have because the technology is too complete," Xinghe answered. She had checked the spaceship while waiting for Chui Qian to arrive, at least all the internal systems were fully complete. Without experience, such degree of completion was an impossibility.

Chui Qian was shocked, but he believed Xinghe. "But what are they doing in space?"

"No idea, but it is definitely not something good."

"Could they really be doing something that is harmful to the world?" Chui Qian immediately started to worry.

Mubai said matter-of-factly, "Most likely or else the people at the base would not have been so confident. However, until now, we have been unable to get any information out of them."

Chui Qian\'s voice turned cold. "Then we will continue the interrogation, I do not believe none of them will crack! We must search this base thoroughly too, we must not give up on the smallest detail!"

"Perhaps we can start with the people from the He Lan family," Xinghe suggested.

Chui Qian nodded. "Of course."

They had to investigate every aspect there was. They could not afford to leave any stone unturned. If the He Lan family really were planning something big and sinister, they had to know before it was too late. However, no matter how harsh or insistent their interrogation, there was no progress.

They were all incredibly tight-lipped and those who were willing to tell did not know anything. In other words, those who knew about Project Galaxy would not reveal the information even if they were threatened with death.

Xinghe was surprised that they would put up such a united front. They were like cult in which every member had been sworn to secrecy. This only added to the sinister feeling of the plan. This was because such cults always had a strong spiritual belief, and if such a strong belief was channeled into something evil, chaos would be born.

Chui Qian had been in secret meetings to discuss this problem. Even Hwa Xia was trying to help with as much as they could…

None of them thought He Lan Long and his people were bluffing. Until now, He Lan Long and his people were still waiting for the rapture that they kept mentioning, waiting for that person to make his appearance.

They really believed what they were saying. The only thing Chui Qian and the rest could do was try to find out as much information as they could before the time ran out. However, a few days had passed and there had been no progress…

Xinghe had stayed at the base to deal with the control room\'s supercomputers, but she was getting nowhere as well. The supercomputers there were connected to one another. After Xinghe hacked through two computers, she accidentally triggered another self-destruction system that almost ruined all the computers.

Thankfully, she managed to prevent that from happening. However, with that lesson in mind, she did not dare to experiment with the computers anymore. After all, she did not know how many defenses were in the computers; one wrong move and the whole base might be brought down.

Only by knowing the password could the computers be unlocked, but He Lan Long and his people refused to give it up. As long as they did not cough the password up, then the information inside the computers would always be a mystery.

It would take Xinghe God knows how long before she could completely bring down all the defenses.