Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 797: Spaceship

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Chapter 797: Spaceship

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The way they looked at Xinghe changed; there was warmth and passion in their gazes. Even Ee Chen and the rest who knew of Xinghe\'s capability were impressed by the miracle she had just performed in front of their eyes, much less the experts who were not that familiar with Xinghe. They did not expect Xinghe to be so capable that she could take down such a complicated program in such a short amount of time.

The lock program must have been extremely difficult considering the location they were in and Xinghe only needed a short minute to hack through it…

What was the difference between her and a real god really‽

"Xinghe, you are a miracle in itself, this reminds me of why you are my idol!" Sam praised her lavishly while showing her a thumbs-up.

"Xinghe, I also want to learn computer skills like this, can you please teach me?" Cairn asked with some degree of excitement.

"Master, when are you going to officially accept me as your student?" Ee Chen directly call her master.

Cairn heard this and added, "Xinghe, I too will call you master in the future!"

"Wait, teach me too!" Ali followed and raised her hand in the air. A few of the experts subconsciously raised their hands, but they soon lowered them out of shame.

Xinghe said with a smile, "You all have misunderstood. That was just lucky of me, I was just fiddling around, and luck was on my side."

"You have to be at least capable before you can get luck on your side. If it was me who was fiddling around, the result would be one hundred percent different," Sam retorted.

"That\'s right, it is because you are already good at this that luck decided to side with you. If it was anyone else, I guarantee one hundred percent that person would have failed," Ali chimed in. In any case, they had all agreed that Xinghe was definitely the best.

Xinghe did not waste time arguing with them about this. She stood up and said, "Undoing the self-destruction system does not help us in any way. These supercomputers have more than one password lock, I cannot guarantee I will be so lucky next time."

"You mean none of these computers here can be touched?" Mubai asked to confirm.

"That\'s right." Xinghe nodded. "Stay away from all the computers. To guarantee the information within will not be affected, it is best that nobody goes anywhere near them."

"Then, what is the difference to just letting them self-destruct? Either way, we are unable to retrieve the information within," an expert asked.

Xinghe explained, "We cannot retrieve the information for now. Let\'s continue to figure out a way, maybe there are some methods we can use to unlock all these systems. Until we find a safe solution, it is the wise thing to not rush headfirst into things."

"You are right of course…"

Everyone agreed with her. Then again, what other choices did they have? None of them had the capability of unlock the system. They knew how valuable the information inside these computers was. If their carelessness caused the information to disappear, could they bear the responsibility?

Therefore, the only thing they could do then was wait, to figure out a way to sidestep this conundrum. However, they could still look into the other area of the base, perhaps they could stumble upon some other information.

They searched the base high and low for a whole day, the only things of note they found were a satellite and a spaceship that had not been launched into space.

Xinghe\'s group was shocked that the base would have a spaceship. According to the size of the spaceship, it could fit three people.

However, it was impossible to tell whether this base had sent people into space before or not. After all, sending people into space without permission was a serious offense, they would not announce that to the world.