Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 796: Torturous Sixty Seconds

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Chapter 796: Torturous Sixty Seconds

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

If the computer exploded, then their trail would end there!

However, none of them had the solution to this, who could solve the problem under a minute?

"God damn it, might as well try since there is nothing to lose!" Xinghe leaped back into the chair and started operating the computer. Everyone understood what she was trying to do; she aimed to destroy the self-destruct program in less than a minute. However, was that even possible?

Even Xinghe did not have the answer to that question, she only knew she could not give up until the very last second. She could not stand there and allow their hard work to be taken away like that. Even if the result was a fail, she would give it her all…

Xinghe\'s typing speed was so fast that no one could see her fingers anymore. Everyone around her stood around her quietly. They subconsciously all stopped breathing, they did not dare to even elicit a sound.

They snuck a glance at their watches once in a while, calculating the time left. With every passing second, the sweat pouring down their faces increased, and their hearts would sometimes even miss a beat. Every second of it was extreme torture!

One second passed with the blink of an eye. All of them prayed vehemently for time to slow down. However, simultaneously, they felt every second was excruciatingly long because they wanted release from the immense suspense and pressure. This one minute was the most torturous minute they had ever lived.

However, it was Xinghe who was under the most pressure. She had to neutralize the self-destruct sequence or all the information within would be out of their grasp!

"Twenty seconds left!" an unknown person yelled out, unable to contain it within them. The anxiety in the room heightened with the reminder.

Xinghe also entered her most nervous state, her hands were so fast, it just looked like she was randomly pressing buttons on the keyboard. However, the system had not been broken through yet, the timer kept going, impervious to the room\'s wish that it would slow down or stop.

"Fifteen seconds left!"

"Fourteen seconds left!"

"Thirteen seconds…"

Everyone could not help but remind Xinghe. The countdown continued heartlessly but the tone was increasingly anxious. Ali\'s group gripped their fists tight, praying silently for Xinghe to succeed.

"Seven seconds left!"

"Six seconds!"

"We\'re in the last five seconds!"

When this was yelled out, everyone was already in despair. Xinghe could not possibly neutralize the system with only five seconds left on the clock. That wasn\'t humanly possible! Everyone stared at the timer voicelessly with bated breath, waiting for the self-destruction to engulf them.

The last five seconds ticked down to four, three, two, and then one!

Then, it stopped!

At the last second, Xinghe\'s hands stopped. Everyone thought that she had given up; she had done everything she could. However, the air in the room was still even after a few more seconds. There was no explosion, and everyone finally realized that something was out of place.

Mubai grabbed Xinghe\'s hands soundlessly. Xinghe lifted her head to look into his smiling eyes.

"You have done it; you are incredible…" the man whispered with obvious cheer as his lips curved into a smile.

Xinghe could not help but respond in kind. "I did not expect to be able to do it myself."

"Xinghe, have you really done it‽ You have really done it!" Ali screamed out with joy and her scream slowly brought everyone out of their reverie.

She had really done it!

The room then exploded with thunderous applause.