Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 794: Make the World the Enemy

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Chapter 794: Make the World the Enemy

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His cackle seemed to be infectious because everyone started mimicking him. It was as if they had victory in their hands and were not afraid of anything.

Xinghe stared sharply at He Lan Long and asked, "What do you mean by we have ruined everything?"

He Lan Long laughed devilishly. "You people will understand soon enough! You will suffer the consequences of coming after us! This consequence is not something you can bear!"

"That\'s right, the consequence is not something any one of you can bear! So be prepared for regret."

"Soon, the whole world will know how powerful we are and will murder you lot for the sake of saving themselves."

"Bunch of idiots, you will tremble in fear!"

"Awaiting death!"

All these people were glaring at them with a crazed look in their eyes, it felt incredibly unsettling. Xinghe did not think they were bluffing. They must have known something they did not and something big would happen in the near future. However, they could not take a step back when they had gotten so far. They could not let these people go unpunished. The choice had been made they would live with no matter what.

"Is that so? I do wish to see who is so capable that he could threaten the whole world. Unless he is a god, I do not think that is a possibility!" Xinghe retorted sharply, she was not at all afraid of their threats.

He Lan Long chucked darkly. "Young girl, I advise you to not be so overconfident. There is always someone better than you and things beyond your imagination are always happening. I do not wish to continue wasting my time talking to you anymore, since you will all find out the consequence in a few days\' time."

"Why don\'t you tell me what the consequence is now and who the one bringing the consequences will be?" Xinghe powered on fearlessly.

He Lan Long shook his head with a smile. "I cannot do that; his plan is not something humans like us can reveal. You will know about him when he wishes for you to."

"Then, where is he?" Xinghe asked again.

He Lan Long started laughing brazenly. "Do you think we will tell you that? Do not waste your breath; we will not tell you anything, but do not worry because everything will be revealed soon."

"Fine, then I will wait and see. Take them away and continue the interrogation," Xinghe ordered the commander.

"Yes." The commander understood the gravity of the situation. After he detained these people, he immediately reported this back to Chui Qian. The launch site was sealed off and experts were ushered in to turn it upside down, leaving no stone unturned.

Xinghe\'s group stood off to the side, ruminating on He Lan Long\'s words.

"Do any of you think he is being serious, is the world really ending?" Ee Chen asked the group in a solemn manner.

Xinghe replied softly, "He might be telling the truth, but I do not think the world is ending. No matter how powerful this person is, the world will not be taken out so easily."

"But they sounded so confident…"

"Regardless, this does not mean that we are helpless. If he threatens the world, then he will be making the whole world his enemy," Xinghe said matter-of-factly, her gaze as sharp as tack. Her indomitable spirit was showing again.

Witnessing this, Ee Chen felt greatly calmed. He said with a smile, "You are right, we are not totally helpless. I do not believe that, with the whole world united, we cannot take down one threat!"

Sam was excited. "But I want to know who this person is that can pose a threat to the whole world. For some reasons, I really want to see this person."

Ali immediately berated him, "What nonsense are you talking about? We are completely unprepared, meeting him now would probably mean certain death. Can you please use your brain for once?"