Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 792: The End of the He Lan family

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Chapter 792: The End of the He Lan family

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Xinghe\'s group stood in front of the raging fire. Their eyes reflected the flames that licked into the sky. Everyone\'s mood was as heated as the fire burning before them, because this fire signified the end of Angel Orphanage and the end of the He Lan family!

Yes, this was going to be end for the He Lan family. They thought a fire could cover up their tracks, but alas, this flame was merely a prelude for the flames of hell that awaited them!

He Bin would not follow their orders to cover up everything, in fact, he would use this fire to expose everything!

The fire at Angel Orphanage made Country R\'s headlines the next day. Innumerable police and firefighters as well as reporters came to check out the burnt sight. As the day broke, almost everyone had heard about the fire at Angel Orphanage.

Everyone followed the news closely and Chui Qian immediately mobilized to capture everyone related to the He Lan family. His years of homework finally paid off. His blacklist contained the names of everyone who had once worked for the He Lan family. With the president\'s orders, the police swarmed on this group of people, giving them no chance to escape.

Even the satellite-launching base was swimming with a large number of law enforcement officers. The place was sealed off and arrests were rampant!

Xinghe\'s group also arrived at the scene at the first notice. She thought she would be able to locate her mother at the base and Ee Chen thought the same way. However, after detaining everyone, their parents were still nowhere to be found.

They had flipped the sprawling satellite-launching base upside down, but they were nowhere to be seen.

Xinghe was befuddled. "Why aren\'t they here?"

She thought they would definitely be there because all the good seeds selected from the orphanage were sent to work there. She also realized something weird. There were no extra impressive young adults working at the base.

That was curious because the orphanage would send many capable children over every year. Logically speaking, there should be people from every age group there, and the difference in number for the age group would not be drastic. However, they realized there was a lack of adults between ages twenty to thirty. That whole generation seemed to have disappeared.

They were supposed to be the fresh blood that reinvigorated their research, so the base should value them a lot so where were these people.

"Get the manager here and find out. There must be a lot of hidden secrets at this place as well," Mubai reminded her in a whisper.

Xinghe nodded and quickly had the police bring them to meet the manager who had been arrested. The manager\'s name was He Lan Long; he was He Lan Chang\'s cousin. Needless to say, he did not expect for his base to be assaulted by the police so suddenly.

When Xinghe and the rest arrived, He Lan Long was in the middle of a shouting match with the commanding officer of this operation, "There is nothing wrong with this facility and this is private property, so you people have no right to conduct any arrests here! I am telling you now that our He Lan family is not a force you can afford to cross, if you do not retreat this very second, none of you will be able to bear the consequences that come your way!"

"I do want to see what kind of consequences the dying He Lan family can still manage to wrangle together," Xinghe opened her lips to say.

He Lan Long turned to look at her, and his face darkened. "What did you say‽"

Xinghe scoffed. "I said, the He Lan family is dead."

"Impossible!" He Lan Long denied subconsciously; he was very clear about how powerful the He Lan family was.