Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 789: Deal With You Myself

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Chapter 789: Deal With You Myself

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"If you still refuse to cooperate, next time it will be your ear!" Ali pulled out her dagger and traced the sharp end of her knife along Deqing\'s jaw. Deqing was scared out of his wits. Perhaps it was the irony of life, but usually the more heartless one treated another, the more likely that one turned out to be a coward. They treated other people\'s lives like nothing, but they valued their own life very much. For the sake of living, they would promise anything.

Deqing nodded without thinking. "I will tell you everything! But what do you want to know? Haven\'t you discovered everything about the orphanage?"

"How do you send the children to that place every time?" Xinghe suddenly asked. Deqing was taken aback before realizing what she was referring to. Suddenly he realized how much he had underestimated this woman. She was not going to let the smallest detail go unnoticed, she was going to squeeze every drop of information she could out of him…

"Speak!" Deqing felt the cold steel of Ali\'s dagger touch his neck. He blurted out subconsciously, "They sent the people to get the children, I only needed to arrange some people to follow along with them."

"What else?"

"That\'s all. I am only responsible to cultivate the children, I have no dealings beyond that."

Xinghe nodded and continued to ask, "How many children will die in a year?"

Deqing answered truthfully, "Only a few, not many."

"How many is a few?" Xinghe raised her brow.

Deqing answered after taking a gulp, "One or two orphans will die every year, I swear."

"Looks like you have not learnt your lesson, cut down one of his ears!" Xinghe suddenly ordered.

Ali\'s grip on her dagger tightened when Deqing added frantically, "There are four or five, there cannot be too many of them, or we would be discovered. We cannot risk that!"

"Four or five is still a few?" Xinghe scoffed. Angle Orphanage had been in operation for decades, if there were four to five deaths each year, how much was their total death count. Furthermore, Deqing was most definitely giving them a conservative number, the actual number must be much higher!

The conclusion was none of them were really human!

"Xinghe, stop wasting with him, let\'s kill him!" Ali hissed through her teeth. Thinking about so many innocent lives that died on his hands, Ali could not wait to plunge her dagger into his heart.

Deqing screamed out anxiously, "I have been so cooperative, and you people promised to spare me!"

"We did say we wouldn\'t kill you, but it does not mean that we are not going to do something else to you," Xinghe answered coldly.

Deqing looked at her with abject fear. "What are you planning?"

"Drugs." Xinghe did not answer but extend her hand towards Lu Qi. Lu Qi removed from his medical bag a syringe. "This drug can make sure he will never move or speak again for the rest of his life. He will be a vegetable, but he will be conscious."

Deqing\'s face when stark white—

Then he saw Xinghe walk towards him with the syringe in hand. There was no temperature in her gaze.

"No, you cannot do this to me, no… Help me, help…"

Deqing\'s mouth was covered up by Sam. Ali pinned down his arms and legs to prevent him from struggling. Deqing struggled with all of his might but it was no use, an orphanage manager was no match for two professional mercenaries.

Xinghe stopped before him and squatted down. She spoke into his face, "Normally I would not personally get involved in dealing with people like you because it is a waste of my time, so consider yourself honored because you have made me dirty myself. Your sin was too big that my anger could only be squelched by exacting justice myself. Remember, karma is always watching—"

When she finished, Xinghe sunk the syringe deep into his arm!