Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 782: Intelligence Overload

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Chapter 782: Intelligence Overload

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Xinghe nodded slightly.

"Xinghe, what\'s your plan?" Ali asked excitedly. They were willing to listen to her arrangement because her plans had never failed. If she had come up with something, then they would not have to risk their lives recklessly.

Sam even promised, "No matter what your plan is, even if it involves a direct threat to our lives, we are willing to do it! Give the orders and we will do the rest."

"That\'s right, make use of us in any way you want," Wolf added firmly. Witnessing their kindness and hot-bloodedness on full display, Xinghe did not have the heart to push them into a death mission. Of course, that was not her plan after all.

She smirked and said, "My plan does not involve any of that. Do not forget He Bin has taken control of the whole He Lan family."

He Bin was startled, but he too was not that powerful to shut down the whole orphanage\'s operation. Everyone else thought the same. Suddenly, Ee Chen piped up to say, "You want to have He Bin fire the orphanage\'s manager?"

"That is impossible," He Bin denied it outright. "The Huang family has been operating the orphanage for two generations now. The orphanage\'s every secret is in their hands. They might be loyal to me on the surface, but if I do anything to harm this supposed mission, they will not hesitate to revolt against me."

"There is no need to fire him, we only have to make him fall ill," Xinghe said.

"Fall ill? How?" He Bin queried.

Mubai though understood Xinghe\'s plan immediately. He looked at her and smiled. "You plan to make him fall ill with flu?"

Mubai chuckled, "It just so happens that a boy has fallen ill, and this will be the best cover up."

Xinghe smiled in return. "That\'s right, this is the perfect opportunity for us to make use of. Furthermore, we can use this to save all the children from the orphanage."

"It will not only avoid Huang Deqing\'s suspicion but can also solve everything without raising any uproar."

"However, it will only be temporary."

"That will not be a problem, the aim is to buy some time. Very soon, the whole problem will be permanently resolved."

"That\'s exactly right!" Xinghe nodded with a knowing smile.

Mubai responded with an equally meaningful smile. "This is a great plan, I support it fully. Furthermore, Lu Qi is still in Country R; it\'s time for him to shine."

"I agree, then we will proceed with this plan."

"What plan‽" Ali looked at them blankly. What are these two talking about?

Even He Bin and the rest were still lost in the dark.

"Do you still not understand even though we have basically spelled it out?" Mubai said as he scanned them with his gaze. Ali really wanted to give him an eye-roll. It was one thing for them to use their intelligence to smother each other with their love but now he was looking down on them? Was that really necessary?

However, they were incidentally less gifted in the intelligence area, at least compared to these two, so they could only nod helplessly.

Xinghe explained slowly and clearly, "Didn\'t a boy fall sick today? We will figure out a way to make him fall ill with a contagious flu then that will be our reason to quarantine those close to him, like Huang Deqing and the many doctors and teachers from the orphanage and all the other orphans."

"What happens next?" Ali continued asking.

Xinghe smiled and said, "When they are in quarantine, they will be lambs in our slaughterhouse, we can take care of those we need to take care of and let the innocent parties go."

Now, they finally understood everything!

"Xinghe, you plan to deal with Huang Deqing when he is in quarantine? During quarantine, the children will have to be separated from the adults, since that is the accepted protocol and that will be the way for us to protect them from getting hurt during the process, right?" Ali asked to confirm.

"Indeed." Xinghe nodded.

"Then, quickly contact Doctor Lu. We must start the operation as soon as possible," Ali said excitedly, representing everyone else.