Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 781: My Business

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Chapter 781: My Business

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These children were really no different from dogs…

The animals in the orphanage did not treat them as human beings but as puppies!

At some point, Sam and Ali felt themselves suffocating. They had never felt so uncomfortable and aggrieved before. It was like a great ball of fire had gathered in their chest, and if they did not let it out, it would burn them alive.

It affected more than them. It was hard for even Xinghe and He Bin, who had seen these visuals live, to see them once more, much less Sam\'s group who were more hot-blooded. Therefore, Sam\'s group could not stomach watching the video to the end.

"Xinghe, let\'s go kill them!" Ali roared with her eyes teary from anger and pain.

Sam and the boys\' faces were drawn. Sam hissed, "We do not mind doing the deed ourselves, we will not implicate any of you! I cannot sit here and do nothing, let\'s go murder that bunch of bastards now and save those children!"

"That\'s right, we will do this ourselves and leave you guys out of it," Cairn said firmly. Wolf directly pulled out his handgun and started checking his ammo…

Noticing this, the rest of SamWolf did the same. All four of them were orphans raised in war-torn Country Y, they could empathize with these unfortunate kids the most. Whenever they came across an unlucky orphan, their hearts would squeeze from pain. How could parents bring themselves to abandon their innocent child?

Maybe the parents had their unspeakable difficulties, but this was even worse, this orphanage took them in and treated them so cruelly. What wrong had these children done? Nothing!

If God was going to stand silent as this atrocity happened, then they were going to help him exact justice. Even though it might cost them their lives, they could not stand quiet and allow this cruelty to continue. They had to do something!

No one was going to stop them. They were ready in a matter of minutes; their impetuousness had stripped them of their patience and rationality. They failed to see how rashly they were acting.

"Everyone, calm down. You won\'t be doing anyone any favors by rushing into things," Xinghe reminded them softly.

Sam scoffed, "We cannot calm down anymore! Do not worry, we will not kill blindly, and we guarantee it will not mess up your plan."

"Xinghe, this will be on us. It will be our responsibility so just leave us be," Ali advised her. "I know we are acting a bit too rashly, but this is how we operate. We cannot allow this kind of cruelty to go on anymore; none of us can stomach this quietly. so even if this might cost us our lives, we have no regrets. All four of us are like this; it is why SamWolf has survived for so long. I thank you for trying to look out for us, but it is no use trying to change our mind."

"That\'s right, this is our business!" Wolf concluded.

Xinghe suddenly demanded in an authoritative voice, "What do you mean this is your business?"

Ali\'s group was stunned because they did not expect such anger from her. Xinghe stood up and stared severely at them. "This is not your business, it is mine. It is because of me that we are here, this is my revenge, the search for my mother. Everything is related to me, so it is absolutely my business and how can I allow all of you to take this unnecessary risk for me? I am not saying we shall let them be. Sit down and listen to my arrangement, then you can decide whether you still want to rush in heedlessly or not."

Ali\'s group turned up a smile. "You already have a plan?"