Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 779: Kill Them

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Chapter 779: Kill Them

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Deqing flared up again thinking about how this little boy\'s reluctance to tell the truth caused him the loss of a good seed.

"Young Master, we cannot keep this child any longer! He might relapse even if he is cured, we should just…" Deqing then drew a slash across his throat.

"Uncle Huang always takes care of these ruined seeds with such expedience?" He Bin lowered his gaze to avoid showing Deqing the iciness in them.

Deqing nodded smugly. "Naturally, we do not have time to take care of all these children. If they are no longer of any use to us, then why should we continue to waste time and resources on them?"

"But wouldn\'t this be a giant waste, in case…"

"Young Master, your compassion is showing!" Deqing said with a cold smirk, "At the end of the day, these children are nothing but tools for us to use. Furthermore, being abandoned is honestly not the worst thing that could happen to them."

He Bin immediately darkened his feature. He concluded coldly, "You are right, but this boy has shown great potential and we could always use more seeds like him, so we must try our best to cure him for now, we will discuss it later when it fails. Uncle Huang, do help me arrange the trip there today, I want to resolve the kinks of taking over as soon as possible."

The authority in He Bin\'s voice was heavy and not to be overlooked. It silenced Deqing who could only manage to nod obediently.

After that, He Bin left with Xinghe. He did not want to stay at that place for one more minute.

After the orphanage was nothing but a dot in the background, their real emotions finally exploded. Ali and the rest who were ordered away earlier arrived to fetch them in the car.

After they got in, Ali asked Xinghe hurriedly, "Xinghe, was that real‽ Is the orphanage that insane?"

Even though they were not allowed to follow deeper into the orphanage, they did hear everything through their ear-mics. They shivered with disbelief and anger when they heard Deqing listed off his various proud accomplishments. They could not imagine how Xinghe and He Bin, who saw everything in person, could hold it in.

Xinghe nodded crisply. "Yes, it is all real."

Sam cursed angrily, "F*ck, are these people still human beings‽ Thankfully, I did not follow or else I would have ruined our cover by strangling them on the spot!"

"Back in Country Y, I thought the children there already had it worse, but it is even more horrendous in this orphanage! They treat these children like livestock and dogs since they were still babies, do these people still have any trace of humanity left in them‽" Wolf said with deprecation.

"Shall we kill them?" Cairn went straight to the point.

He Bin loosened his tie and replied, "If we do that, it would raise too much suspicion."

"Xinghe, what do you think?" Ali looked at Xinghe with anticipation in her eyes. They could not wait to snap Huang Deqing\'s neck. This kind of monster, if allowed to live, would only bring harm to more innocent children, so he would have to be removed.

Xinghe did not answer immediately. She replied after a short pause, "Give me some time to figure out a plan."

"Okay!" Ali and the rest were happy. As long as Xinghe was willing to deal with Deqing, they would be satisfied. This was because her plan would definitely work.

The car continued on the path for a little while longer before they met up with Mubai. Mubai had his men hiding around there, just in case danger befell Xinghe\'s party. He wanted to be close enough to go in and save them.

Xinghe exited He Bin\'s car and got into Mubai\'s car. As she closed the door, Mubai passed her a glass of red wine.

"Here, this will make you feel better," he told her in a whisper. His voice was full of concern.