Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 774: The Farm

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Chapter 774: The Farm

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"Due to that lesson, we are now more cautious about our security. As you have seen, our security system is top notch. Take for example this basement that houses all the secrets of this orphanage, if anyone breaks into here, the internal electronic sensor will activate to destroy all the data here! Only I know the password to this room and if anything happens to me, this room will be destroyed, and the filing process will begin anew," Deqing said proudly.

He Bin followed his suit and said proudly, "Indeed, our He Lan family is good at everything, especially security."

"That\'s right, but from this moment onwards, these secrets are all open to you. Young Master, even though the Old Master\'s sudden illness is indeed unfortunate, I would still like to congratulate you for having taken over the whole He Lan family!"

This Deqing was a slimy character. He Lan Chang was still on his death bed and he had already started to suck up to He Lan Qi. However, this played to He Bin\'s advantage because it would make his mission easier.

"Uncle Huang, can I look through the files here as I like?" He Bin asked politely.

Deqing nodded. "Of course you can! Of all the He Lans, only you and I have that right."

He Bin nodded in return and pulled out a file to read. Xinghe did not move forward, she stood her ground, playing her part well. He Bin continued to flip through several files, but he did not study them closely. However, the camera in his tie did record everything down.

After going through some more files, He Bin suggested they go pay the orphans a visit. After all, the orphans were the focus of their visit. Deqing had no issue with that and led them out of the basement. Xinghe followed them and was given a tour of the orphanage compound.

If she did not know it beforehand, Xinghe would not have known this place was an orphanage, because it looked more like a livestock farm!

Along the way, Deqing was proudly explaining to them how they had been rearing these orphans. There was a streamlined process to the way they cultivated these orphans.

For newly accepted babies, they would give them protein packs recommended by nutritionists and the babies would be given daily physical inspection. Half a year later, those with great physical results would be selected to enter focus training. Those who scored well on both physical and mental tests would be handpicked to join one-on-one training…

They were filtering out the babies to get the crème of the crop. Utilizing different grading systems, the orphans would be separated into many different categories. The highest grade contained orphans who were clever and showed loyalty to the He Lan family.

Of course, there was opportunity for low grade orphans to rise to higher grades as long as they showed improvement later on or showed exceptional talent in a particular field.

The high-grade orphans received the best treatment, best accommodation, best food, and best education. The treatment worsened as the grade went down. The lowest grade orphans would be eliminated, but it was a closed secret as to what would happen to them.

Therefore, these children had to fight for their survival from a young age. Under this cruel and extreme system, all of them pushed themselves daily. They spent their every second thinking about ways to improve, to study, to be the best they could be.

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