Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 773: All the Secrets from the Orphanage

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Chapter 773: All the Secrets from the Orphanage

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Deqing led them to a house that was within the orphanage\'s compound. When they arrived at the door, Deqing ordered Xinghe and the rest to wait for them outside.

"Uncle Huang, this is my secretary, she is someone trustworthy," He Bin said matter-of-factly as he waved at Xinghe.

Deqing hesitated. "But I have not seen her before."

He Bin smiled. "Uncle Huang, you know my father, you will never really know all the people under his employment. She has been my secretary for years, but I believe you two did not have the opportunity to meet before. But do not worry, she is definitely trustworthy!"

Deqing understood what he meant, He Lan Chang was a man of many secrets and since He Lan Qi vouched for Xinghe, he chose to trust Xinghe.

"Fine, you can come with us," he told Xinghe.

Xinghe nodded respectfully but there was no trace of emotions in her eyes. Her mind was completely shut off from the outside world. Deqing nodded approvingly when he noticed this. This girl does look like someone Old Master He Lan would hire for his son.

The bodyguards were asked to wait outside the door. Xinghe followed them fearlessly into the house. There were many buildings within the orphanage compound and this was one of the most inconspicuous of them all. Therefore, she was surprised when she realized this building led to a secluded underground basement. To enter, one had to key in a series of passwords. Deqing carefully entered the password, not even He Bin had the opportunity to see what he keyed in.

After the door to the basement was opened, he said respectfully, "Young Master, everything down there are all the secrets from our orphanage. Please follow me."

Deqing walked in front of them to lead the way. Xinghe and He Bin snuck a quick look at each other before following behind him. The moment they entered, the basement door closed automatically.

He Bin and Xinghe tensed involuntarily and they sped up slightly to keep up with Deqing. The room was dark, and after a few steps, Deqing suddenly clapped to activate the sound-operated lighting system.

The room lit up and Xinghe and He Bin were granted a clear view of the basement…

The place was nothing unique. It was filled from wall to wall with a series of bookshelves, giving it a look of a private library. The shelves were filled with innumerable files. Other than that, the décor of the place was posh and futuristic, thanks to all the latest devices. Standing on the floor that gleamed like glass, Xinghe and He Bin felt like they were within a futuristic library. However, they were careful to not let any surprise show on their faces.

Since He Bin said nothing, Deqing introduced the place actively, "Young Master, this place has housed all the records from the orphanage for many years. I am sure Old Master did not tell you much about the orphanage, but you should at least know the purpose of our orphanage is to select and train talents for that place."

He Bin nodded easily. "Naturally."

Deqing continued, "According to the rules laid down by your forefathers, you are supposed to come here to do an inventory and checking on everything annually. But do not worry about the workload because I have been taking constant care of them and they are arranged systematically."

"The files on everyone are here?" He Bin asked. He did not forget about Xinghe\'s mother. The question was for her sake.

Deqing shook his head. "Unfortunately, not everyone. The files from the first ten years have been destroyed, the files here are from after that."

"All been destroyed?" He Bin enquired with absolute caution.

Deqing nodded. "Yes, every single file. That year our secret was almost exposed, so your grandfather made the decision to destroy everything, not leaving even a morsel of information or else we wouldn\'t have survived to this day."

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