Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 772: Take Over the Orphanage

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Chapter 772: Take Over the Orphanage

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Xinghe\'s responsibility was to find out more about Project Galaxy. Everyone mobilized to complete their mission. The public had no idea about all these changes that were happening behind their backs. No one could have known the effect this mission would have on the future of Country R and even the whole world!

After a few days of investigations, Xinghe\'s party had confirmed both the orphanage and launching base were equally suspicious. This was because after the news about He Lan Chang\'s stroke got out both the orphanage manager and launching base manager contacted He Bin immediately.

After they confirmed He Lan Chang\'s illness with him, they enquired when he would be able to take over for his father. He Bin played his part well and answered he could take over anytime.

First, He Bin decided to deal with the orphanage.

Xinghe changed her clothes, hairstyle, and found herself a pair of large-rimmed glasses to assume the disguise of He Bin\'s secretary. She would be following him to the orphanage. Sam\'s group, on the other hand, would disguise as He Bin\'s bodyguards.

Due to the uniqueness of Mubai\'s identity, many people from Country R knew him so he did not tag along. Instead, he was responsible for monitoring the video feed that was connecting to the hidden camera sewn within Xinghe\'s jacket lapel.

When they arrived at the orphanage, the manager, Huang Deqing, personally came out to welcome them. Deqing was already in his sixties but he was still spirited and had maintained himself well physically. He wore a straight suit and his eyes that scanned them were cautious and dark.

However, he immediately broke into a friendly smile when he saw He Bin. This went to show how much he trusted He Lan Qi. Of course, the fact that He Lan Qi was now the head of the He Lan family played a huge role as well.

"Young Master, why would suddenly Old Master be struck down by stroke?" After some friendly greetings with He Bin, Deqing posed this question with a frown.

He Bin\'s mouth turned upside down from self-blame and sadness. "This is all my fault! It is because he was too worried about me that he was unable to rest well during that period. As you know, his health has been deteriorating over the years, and I am afraid that the recent fatigue and exhaustion have pushed him over the edge."

It was a believable excuse. After all, many unfortunate things did happen to the He Lan family during that period. He Lan Qi was detained and He Lan Chang had been searching for ways to rescue him every single day, that was common knowledge. It was not hard to imagine that he would fall ill from overexertion. Furthermore, it was not like He Lan Chang was still in his prime, sickness was to be expected at his age.

Deqing sighed and said, "Old Master is the pillar that holds our He Lan family up. His sudden illness definitely worries us all."

He Bin mimicked He Lan Qi and said politely, "I too am worried about Father, but this does not mean that I will allow his effort for the He Lan family to go to waste. I will help him carry on his torch. Uncle Huang, I will have to depend on you for help in the future."

Deqing\'s face split into a smile when he heard that. "Young Master, please do not worry. We will definitely assist you to the best of our ability. We will not disappoint Old Master and will complete the noble mission that he has given us! This is for the sake of our religion, our faith!"

There was a fanatical fervor in Deqing\'s eyes when he mentioned religion and faith. Xinghe captured this reaction and noted this confusion. She needed to go find out later what this faith he was talking about was.

He Bin played to his tune and exclaimed feverishly, "That\'s right, this is our faith! However, I am afraid I will not be able to fill into my father\'s shoes. Uncle Huang, why don\'t you tell me everything in details today, and guide me on my path? What should I do to make sure everything is done to my father\'s standard‽"

"No problem, follow me!" Deqing nodded in feverish succession.

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