Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 770: Launch Centre

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Chapter 770: Launch Centre

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Of course, he was afraid that he would be exposed by the He Lan family before then and they would prop him up as the sacrificial lamb. That was why there was record of the engagement between He Lan Qi and Chui Ying in his files. He needed to show the intricate ties between the Chui family and He Lan family. He was prepared to die together with them. If he was to burn in flames, he would make sure the He Lan family burned in hell together with him.

However, when He Lan Chang forced the ultimatum on him, the evidence he gathered was still not enough to implicate the He Lan family. If Xinghe had not descended like an angel to save him, the Chui family and he would have ended up as another sacrifice in the He Lan family\'s evil plot.

He sighed in relief once more, because finally, everything was over…

Chui Qian did not have any hesitation to reveal the criminal things that he had done for He Lan family because he believed they should have gathered those evidence on him by now. Furthermore, Xinghe had He Lan Qi on her side so he would have told her everything about him. Therefore, he had no reason to hide his dirty laundry and told them everything that he knew.

Xinghe\'s party listened to him patiently. They did not show any emotion and did not seem to judge him in any way.

"You mentioned the He Lan family is overseeing Country R\'s first satellite launching center, correct?" Xinghe asked.

Chui Qian nodded. "That\'s right, that place is filled to the brim with their people. However, since the country is not that focused on space travel, to my knowledge, the site is basically half-abandoned."

"But He Lan Chang\'s men are still there." Xinghe pointed out the anomaly directly.

Chui Qian was curious. "That\'s right, they are still there for some reason. Actually, I have been wondering about that as well. Why would they stay on at a half-abandoned base? Even though the base still fires off a few satellites every year, they should be useless to the He Lan family. Probably, they wish to get more information using those satellites, but the satellites fired from that base are all expired or have defects, the base should bring no benefits to them. It might have been something several decades ago, but now, it should have been a dilapidated site, forgotten by most."

"Can we go visit that launching center?" Xinghe asked.

Chui Qian shook his head. "Unlikely because you have to get He Lan Chang\'s permission to go anywhere near it. There are plenty of security measures to go through and the place still has the He Lan family\'s members looking over it, so it is not easy to gain entry."

Xinghe and Mubai looked at each other and the message was communicated wordlessly. Something must be wrong with that satellite-launching center!

Even Chui Qian was brought to see how suspicious the site was after the analysis.

He said solemnly, "The base definitely has its own secrets like their orphanage. The news about that abandoned paralyzed child, I have also had my own men conduct an investigation and they found out the children at the orphanage are all very weird. However, they are unable to pinpoint what is so curious about them. I meant to investigate further but He Lan Chang found a few unfortunate souls to shoulder the blame, and since I was under his control, I had no choice but to let the incident go past quietly."

"Not abandoned but destroyed," Xinghe said suddenly.

Chui Qian was shocked. "Destroyed, what do you mean by that?"

Xinghe smiled bitterly. "They were going to take the child to the crematorium to be burnt."

Chui Qian was stunned beyond words!

The cruel truth sent chills down his spine and he shivered involuntarily.