Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 768: The Rush

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Chapter 768: The Rush

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"He Lan Qi?" Chui Qian was shocked. What did these people do to He Lan Qi so that he was willing to cooperate?

"That\'s right, He Lan Qi. From now on, he is one of us."

"One of us‽" Chui Qian repeated in shock. He found Xinghe\'s words completely nonsensical.

Xinghe did not go into detail, instead, she said softly, "We will talk more in details when we meet."

"Okay." Chui Qian was fine with that. By then, he had developed some sort of reliance on Xinghe, so he was okay with everything she wanted. However, he still found it hard to believe that everything was resolved.

From then on, he had gained full freedom from He Lan Chang\'s control?

During the period Xinghe travelled to meet him, Chui Qian was hyped with anticipation and consternation. On one hand, he was afraid Xinghe was pulling his leg, on another, he prayed that it was real. After meeting Xinghe and triple-confirming it with her, the rock lodged in his heart was finally removed and he felt relief swept over him. Chui Qian smiled brilliantly; a light shone from within him.

"Miss Xia, how did you take care of He Lan Chang? The plan went a bit too successfully I feel."

Indeed, that was a suspicion for those not in the know. Xinghe explained calmly, "It was He Lan Qi who took care of He Lan Chang."

Chui Qian was startled. "He Lan Qi‽ Is he not He Lan Chang\'s son…"

"He is his son, but there are some secrets between the father and son. After He Lan Qi found out some truths, he decided to side with us."

"Is that so? What kind of secrets was He Lan Chang hiding from his son?" Chui Qian was intrigued. He had known the pair of father and son for years, he never noticed any friction between them.

"I am sorry but that is their personal information that I do not have the liberty to release. Do not worry, He Lan Qi has really repented and will be our trustworthy ally. He even promised to cooperate with us unconditionally. He will not say a word about your situation."

Chui Qian asked, "Then what about He Lan Chang?"

"He is alive, but he can only spend the rest of his life in bed because he has gone senile."

At that moment, a thought cropped up in Chui Qian\'s mind: The bastard deserves it!

Even though he did not personally take his revenge on He Lan Chang, he still felt the great rush of having taken his revenge. The biggest threat to his existence was He Lan Chang. Now that the old man was out of the way, he had nothing to worry about anymore. Since He Lan Qi was willing to pull the trigger on He Lan Chang, it went to show his trustworthiness.

The point was he trusted Xinghe fully. Therefore, he decided to stop trying to dig up the details, the result was satisfactory and that was what he needed.

"Miss Xia, this time, your party has truly impressed me, and I am glad I have chosen to cooperate with you. If you need my help in the future, please do not hesitate to ask, if I can fulfil your request, I will definitely do my best," Chui Qian said faithfully, deep with appreciation.

Xinghe exchanged a look with Mubai who sat beside her and told Chui Qian, "It is such a coincidence that you would say that because we do need Mr. President\'s help."

Chui Qian asked in return, "What is it? Do tell."

"We want to know everything you know about the He Lan family."

Chui Qian was confused. "Couldn\'t you get that information from He Lan Qi? I believe, he is more in the know than I am."

"Turns out He Lan Chang was guarded against him as well. He only knows pockets of information; therefore, we wish to fill in the blanks with your help."

Chui Qian nodded understandingly. Without asking any more question, he went into a history lesson on the He Lan family, "As you must know by now, the He Lan family migrated to Country R about sixty years ago."