Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 767: Settle Everything

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Chapter 767: Settle Everything

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He Bin understood, from then on until the very end, he had to carry on as He Lan Qi. This was to facilitate Xinghe\'s plan.

He Bin nodded. "Do not worry. I know what to do."

"Good." Xinghe nodded in return. She left after settling some more things. There was already a car waiting for her outside when she left He Lan Villa. Mubai and her friends were in the car. They knew the plan had been a success when they saw her exit the house safely.

"Xinghe, is He Lan Chang dead? The plan was a success, right?" Ali who sat in front asked her excitedly as she hopped into the car. Sam, who was driving, and Mubai, who sat beside her, looked at her, also waiting for her to answer.

Xinghe shook her head. "No, he is still alive, He Bin did not have the heart to kill him. However, He Lan Chang will have to spend the rest of his life in bed now."

"Wonderful!" Ali cheered. "That is not a bad thing as well. Serves him right. I still cannot believe the plan has gone so smoothly, now no one will stand our way."

Sam said with a smile, "This is all thanks to these memory cells. This thing is just incredible, if you change your memory right before you die, does this not mean you can practically live on forever?"

When they first found out about memory cells, they were shocked beyond words. They couldn\'t believe such a thing actually existed in the world. However, they had to believe it when the reality was right there in front of their eyes.

Regardless, until now, Sam\'s group still found the whole thing very hard to believe.

Xinghe shook her head. "No, Lu Qi\'s research has brought to light one great weakness to this memory cell technology. They have a short active period; it will take about half a year for all of them to naturally die out. Therefore, He Bin can only be He Lan Qi for at most another half a year."

The memory cells were not meant to aid human beings forever, although Xinghe had a deep suspicion that was why He Lan Chang initiated the research on this technology. Alas, this technology was too against the natural rule of life. It had this fatal limitation. Perhaps it was not meant to achieve absolute success, to overcome this fatal flaw.

Xinghe predicted that, at least in the next several hundred years, success would not be possible.

"Regardless, even if it can only last for six months, it is already very impressive. However, this kind of powerful technology must not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands or else the world will definitely be a chaotic place," Sam observed.

"We understand." Xinghe nodded. They had held a long discussion about this; the memory cells could never be announced to the public. Currently, only Xinghe\'s trusted circle of friends knew about it, and they would not need to worry about He Bin leaking the information.

Of course, Xinghe would not let Chui Qian know of this technology. In conclusion, no one would know such a thing even existed.

"Where shall we go next?" Mubai leaned in to ask.

Xinghe smiled and said, "To meet Chui Qian and to resolve He Lan Qi\'s case. Today, we will help He Lan Qi clear his name."

Everyone understood that the He Lan Qi Xinghe referred to was He Bin, who was occupying He Lan Qi\'s body. For the sake of their plan, they had to clear He Lan Qi of his charges and they needed Chui Qian\'s help to do that.

Therefore, Xinghe soon contacted Chui Qian. She told him everything had been resolved and she wanted to meet him in person.

Chui Qian was shocked. "Everything has been resolved?"

Over the past few hours, his heart was burning from anxiety. Just as he was about to crack from pressure, Xinghe\'s call was like an opportune rain that extinguished all his worry. He sat up straighter and color returned to his face.

"Yes, He Lan Chang will never be able to threaten you again. We have even managed to convince He Lan Qi to help us and he has sworn to secrecy," Xinghe said confidently.