Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 765: Both Go and Die

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Chapter 765: Both Go and Die

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

He Bin laughed internally. He Lan Qi could kill him because it was not fratricide, but if he wanted to return the favor, it was cruel?

He Bin understood then, in his father\'s heart, the only son he recognized was He Lan Qi.

He Bin said expressionlessly, "Father, no matter what you say now, it is useless. There are only two choices before you, either I kill both of you and ensure my own safety, or you abandon He Lan Qi and take me as your only son. Make your choice quickly, I do not have all day."

He Lan Chang was angered. "Do you have to give me such an ultimatum? Both of you are my sons, I…"

"Make your choice!" He Bin demanded severely, he did not want to hear his nonsense anymore. "If you cannot make one, I will just kill you now and end your suffering!"

He Lan Chang was startled, and his face shifted. This was because he saw the murderous intent in He Bin\'s eyes. This assassin son that he cultivated really did not disappoint him; there was no way trying to appeal to his heart, because it was already removed during his years of training.

If he had known this day would have happened, he would have strangled him when he was born!

If possible, he would not hesitate to kill him there and then. However, that was impossible, because he was their hostage.

He Lan Chang hid the viciousness in his eyes and closed his eyes to sigh. "I have treated you wrongly for so many years, so I cannot allow myself to do that anymore. Son, if you really want me to choose, I will have to choose you, but I beg you to not kill your brother. You can take your revenge all you want on him but please keep him alive."

He Lan Chang\'s speech was full of emotion, melancholy, and helplessness. It was as if the choice was very difficult for him and he was really a loving father who could not afford to lose any one of his sons.

But would a real loving father make the choice he did? Sacrificed his own son to save himself?

Thankfully, He Bin had already seen through his cruelty and despicability. If he continued to buy into his sweet words, then he would really be the dumbest person ever.

He Bin asked coldly and forced He Lan Chang to admit his choice clearly, "So your choice is for me to kill He Lan Qi?"

Hearing his decision stated out loud make the hidden hatred in He Lan Chang\'s eyes rose to the surface once more.

"… That\'s right because I cannot continue to disappoint you anymore," He Lan Chang hissed through gritted teeth, but at the same time, he swore internally he would chop this bastard son of his into pieces when the chance presented itself!

He Bin suddenly laughed.

He Lan Chang opened his eyes to look at him in shock. "What are you laughing about?"

He Bin\'s laughs had petered to a mirthless chuckle. He stared at He Lan Chang like the latter was an idiot. "What am I laughing about? I am laughing at you! You are heartless enough to even abandon your precious He Lan Qi, do you think I am dumb enough to trust someone like that?"

"You…" He Lan Chang was shaking with anger. This bastard has been toying with me!

The fact that He Lan Chang had been playing the role of loving father for their amusement flared him up! He felt humiliated from being played a complete fool.

"He Bin, what do you want‽ You are the one who forced me into making this choice, aren\'t you‽" He Lan Chang demanded angrily like he was disappointed in him. Even at the time like this, he was still playing his part.

He Bin realized there and then that he really did not feel any connection to this man anymore. He refused to spend another second in his presence; it was making him sick from within.

"I was only testing you for fun. Actually, there was no choice to begin with because both you and He Lan Qi will have to die!" He Bin glared into his eyes and said ferociously.

He Lan Chang widened his pupils—