Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 764: Kill Him and I Will Save you

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Chapter 764: Kill Him and I Will Save you

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"You have never planned to kill me‽" He Bin pressed his pistol deeper into He Lan Chang\'s temple and hissed, "He Lan Chang, do you really think I am an idiot? Even at a time like this, you can still lie without batting an eye and believe that I will buy into your nonsense‽"

The thick-skinned He Lan Chang continued, "But I really did not want to kill you, it was just a way of speech, an exaggeration. You are my son, my flesh and blood, how could I order you killed? Son, put the gun down, we should be working together to face this woman and not each other! We are kin after all."

"So, this is how Old Master He Lan treats his own kin, with such cruelty," Xinghe commented with a smirk.

He Lan Chang suddenly roared angrily, "B*tch, stop trying to drive a wedge between us! This is between father and son, who are you to meddle in our business? If not for you, how could have I doubted my own precious son? This is all your ploy; you are trying to pit us against each other…"

At that moment, He Lan Chang seemed to have found the hope, he turned to tell He Bin excitedly, "Son, that\'s right. This is her plan to divide us! You must not fall for it. I am your biological father! After you kill me, you will be an orphan! Son, do not do something that you will regret for the rest of your life, okay?"

He Lan Chang even managed to squeeze in a tear at the end of his speech. Even Xinghe had to be impressed by his acting. She thought someone as vicious as He Lan Chang would have a cavalier attitude regarding life; she really did not expect him to be so afraid of death.

Then again, he stood to lose a lot if he died. Furthermore, now that he knew the memory cell and DNA modification research had been successful, his desire to live must have gotten stronger. Alas, he had to die, even if they allowed him to live, he would be incarcerated and lose all his power as well as influence!

He Bin\'s internal emotions were a wreck witnessing He Lan Chang in this state. His eyes shuddered temporarily but no one could tell what he was really thinking.

"Did you really not plan to kill me?" he asked He Lan Chang cautiously.

He Lan Chang saw the salvation of hope and piled on his argument. "Of course, I do not have the heart to have you killed! You are my son, of course, I would not give such a ridiculous order."

"But, He Lan Qi said you did!" He Bin smiled coldly. "It was him who put me in this state, I am a cripple because of him. Furthermore, I am sure he definitely wanted me dead!"

He Lan Chang\'s eyes shivered and made a solemn promise. "I will make sure he will not lift another finger against you ever again. He Bin, there are many things that we have done wrong by you, but I swear we will make it up to you in the future. Son, can you not trust your own father one more time?"

"Okay," He Bin promised.

He Lan Chang was shocked, but it was quickly followed by joy. "You finally chose to believe me? Wonderful, I am glad…"

"But I have to kill He Lan Qi!" He Bin interrupted him. This time He Lan Chang did not even have the time to react.

He Bin stared at him and these words tumbled out of He Lan Qi\'s mouth, "The only way to squelch the hatred in my heart is to kill He Lan Qi. Only by killing him can my safety be guaranteed. Furthermore, this is the only way I can believe you are not lying to me. Say yes and I will let you go free."

He Lan Chang\'s eyes chilled and his jaw shuddered involuntarily, but it was unknown whether it was from shock or from anger.

He lectured He Bin with equal measure vehemence and pain, "He Lan Qi is your own brother, how can you be so heartless towards him? He Bin, how can you even fathom doing something so despicable as fratricide?"