Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 762: I Am Not Him!

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Chapter 762: I Am Not Him!

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

His voice was cold and devoid of warmth. He Lan Chang\'s brain went into another shut down when he heard him.

He widened his eyes in shock and asked with disbelief, "It was you? He Lan Qi, what are you doing‽ I am your father, have you lost your mind? What are you planning with this‽"

"Of course, he is planning to kill you, have you still not understood that?" Xinghe stood up and answered coolly.

He Lan Chang whipped his head around to stare at her. "What do you mean?"

Xinghe sighed and looked at him like he was a stubborn child. "I mean, today will be your last."

He Lan Chang\'s face hardened. He Lan Qi strode to before him and he levelled He Lan Chang a cheerless gaze. He Lan Chang\'s confused eyes met his gaze. Why would my precious son look at me in such a manner, and more than that, plan to kill me? What in the world is really happening?

"Why?" He Lan Chang looked at He Lan Qi and asked. There was a deep well of pain in his voice. He really did not understand why his son would commit something as atrocious as patricide!

He Lan Qi savored the disbelief on his father\'s face and his face broke into a satisfied smile. "Because this is payback for not treating me as your real son and for planning to have me murdered!"

"When have I not treated you as my real son? And when did I plan to kill you‽" He Lan Chang demanded angrily.

He Lan Qi did not answer. Instead he aimed his pistol at He Lan Chang and ordered the bodyguard, "Go guard the door, make sure no one come near."

"Yes, Young Master." The bodyguard nodded and moved to oblige. The spacious living room was left with only the three of them.

He Lan Chang gripped the arm of his chair tightly while staring guardedly at He Lan Qi. He was trying to figure out a way to save himself. However, He Lan Qi\'s eyes were on him constantly, he gave him no chance to save himself.

He Lan Chang demanded again, "Little Qi, what is wrong with you? How can you treat your own father this way, have I ever treated you wrongly in your life‽"

"Yes, you have treated me wrongly my entire life," He Lan Qi spat out with hatred. "I have always treated you as my father, but I realize now I am nothing more than a dog for you! He Lan Chang, I bet you did not envision this situation when you ordered to have me killed, right?"

He Lan Chang was befuddled. He roared, "What are you talking about‽ When have I ordered a hit on you, I have done nothing wrong by you, right‽ He Lan Qi, do you understand what you are doing‽"

"Do not call me He Lan Qi, I am not him!" He Lan Qi yelled in return, his eyes flashing with resentment. "He Lan Chang, I am not your golden boy, He Lan Qi. I am He Bin, the abandoned son that you have been trying very hard to find and eliminate."

"What?" He Lan Chang\'s emotion could no longer be described as shock. He stared at He Lan Qi dumbly. The person standing before him was indeed He Lan Qi, so why did he say he was He Bin?

He Lan Chang scanned He Lan Qi\'s full frame slowly and closely but there was no way he could convince himself this was He Bin.

Xinghe walked to stand beside He Lan Qi and explained softly to He Lan Chang, "Do not look so surprised, he is He Bin, it is just that the body is He Lan Qi\'s."

"What, what are you two talking about…" He Lan Chang asked like he was a senile old man. What does she mean by he is He Bin but the body is Little Qi\'s. How come I cannot understand a word that she is saying?

Xinghe looked at his reaction and scoffed aloud, "How can you claim to be the mastermind behind Project Galaxy and not know what a memory cell is?"

"Memory cells‽" He Lan Chang was shocked once more. How do they know about memory cells?