Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 761: Take Your Secrets With You to Hell

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Chapter 761: Take Your Secrets With You to Hell

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Xinghe nodded with understanding. "Since you aren\'t even going to show kindness to your son, my death was sealed the moment I walked in here."

"It is good that you can understand that."

"Since I am a dead woman, why would you help me understand this? I have been searching for my mother my whole life, so I just want to know where she is," Xinghe asked as she stared at him, there was a great serenity behind her. This was an answer she had to find out.

He Lan Chang scoffed with derision. "Why would you ask me something like that? He Lan family\'s orphanages are not an intelligence agency, we are only responsible for raising her, we do not keep track to what happens to her after she reached legal age."

"He Lan Chang, you can drop the pretense in front of me," Xinghe interrupted him. "She is definitely in your hands and what is Project Galaxy?"

He Lan Chang was taken aback. His eyes scanned the full length of Xinghe\'s frame and the venom in his eyes deepened. "You know about Project Galaxy?"

Xinghe nodded casually. "I have heard of it, but I have no clue what it really is. The reason I came today to know everything before I die. I will trade you He Bin\'s location for the truth."

"There is no need for a dying woman to know so much," He Lan Chang said wickedly. He gestured to his bodyguard. The bodyguard whipped out his pistol immediately and aimed it at Xinghe. The murderous intent unfurled across the living room like fog.

He Lan Chang was ready to kill Xinghe. Even though he had already suspected that Xinghe knew their secret, hearing her say it aloud still gave him quite a shock. Since she knew their secret, she had to die!

The depths of He Lan Chang\'s eyes were a bottomless pit of cruelty. With his one order, a bullet would rip through Xinghe\'s heart. However, at that moment, Xinghe was still as collected as ever.

She laughed. "There is no need for you to rush to kill me. Are you not interested in He Bin\'s location?"

He Lan Chang smirked viciously. "Compared to you who knows too much, he is no longer important. Furthermore, I will eventually have him returned to this house and pay for what he did! Xia Xinghe, you have volunteered your life to me so do not come back to haunt me. After you die, your mother will come to accompany you soon, so you can ask her everything when you two have your reunion down there."

Xinghe did away with her smile and asked directly, "So you are not going to give the satisfaction of knowing the truth before killing me?"

He Lan Chang sneered with evilness. "I would much prefer you die with this great regret in your heart."

Xinghe sighed. "I was hoping you would tell me everything before you die, but it looks like you are going to take all your secrets with you down to hell!"

He Lan Chang was confused, and before he could understand what was happening, the bodyguard turned around and pointed his gun at He Lan Chang!

He Lan Chang\'s face hardened immediately. He glared at his bodyguard with surprise and demanded with an angry boom, "Idiot, what are you doing‽"

The bodyguard answered coolly, "Old Master, please forgive me. I am only following the young master\'s orders."

"Young master?" He Lan Chang was surprised once morning. He had no idea what the bodyguard was talking about. He felt like someone had gone into his brain and moved everything around; he had a difficult time computing what was happening. Am I dreaming? Why did my man suddenly turn on me‽

"That\'s right, he is merely carrying out my order." Suddenly, He Lan Qi slowly strode down from upstairs.