Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 760: My Life

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Chapter 760: My Life

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However, no matter what, since she had arrived, there was no way he was not going to meet her. He Lan Chang quickly had his men show her in. At the same time, the maids performed a thorough body check on her. Xinghe was led in after it was confirmed she had nothing dangerous on her.

A woman like her walking into the lion\'s den with nothing to protect herself, even the maids could not help but be worried for her.

He Lan Chang was relaxed when he heard the news, he only kept one of his bodyguards around.

The moment Xinghe stepped into the living room, she came face-to-face with He Lan Chang\'s sharp and diabolical gaze. Similarly, the gaze Xinghe returned was chilling and devoid of any warmth.

This was the second time Xinghe and He Lan Chang met in person. The first time was when she first came to Country R; he was the graceful and kind host and she was the polite guest then.

However, the way they looked at each other was completely different this time. It was like they were staring their nemesis. They were on the opposite camp from each other; they each wanted the other dead.

He Lan Chang did not waste time with pretenses. He laughed fiendishly and praised, "Miss Xia truly is an impressive character, I admit I underestimated you earlier."

He really did not expect a woman would create continuous trouble for the He Lan family. She not only managed to silently steal He Bin out from under his nose but also managed to avoid being detected by his search for such a long time. This time truly had far exceeded his expectation.

Xinghe strode forward calmly and said, "Old Master He Lan is equally impressive as well, therefore, I suppose this time we have both met our match."

He Lan Chang suddenly started guffawing but the iciness in his eyes never went away. "Met my match? A little girl such as yourself? Xia Xinghe, don\'t make me laugh. You are too young to come after someone like myself! Furthermore, you came to my house today without any backup, if that is not the height of stupidity, I do not know what is!"

He Lan Chang\'s lethal intent towards her was revealed openly but Xinghe showed no trace of fear, she only smiled thinly. "Since I dared come alone, naturally, I have made some preparation, so you might want to reconsider your plan to kill me."

He Lan Chang smirked coolly. "There is no need to consider so much to take the life of someone insignificant like you. After I kill you, there will be someone who looks like you that will walk out this place to assume your life. Do not worry, I have also prepared fully, no one will be able to pin your death on me."

"Is that so?" Xinghe nodded with intrigue. "Looks like I have to leave my life here today."

"That\'s right!" He Lan Chang glared severely at her. "You should have known death was waiting for you when you decided to come after us! Xia Xinghe, if you give me He Bin\'s location, I might consider giving you a swift death or there will be pain that you are unable to imagine waiting for you. Little girl, heed my advice when I tell you to not go after your experienced elders because your ending will not be pretty."

He Lan Chang\'s every word was dripping with venom. This was his true face; this man had more in common with venomous scorpion than his fellow human.

However, Xinghe maintained her composure. There was no trace of fear on her face. She even sat down across from him and replied, with a raised brow, "You have done your damage on He Bin so why do you care where he is? He is your son, is he not? Why not just let him be?"

"Because he has not paid with his life for his betrayal. Even if he is nothing more than a dog that I have raised, he has to be given adequate punishment," He Lan Chang said matter-of-factly.