Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 759: Xia Xinghe Came Alone

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Chapter 759: Xia Xinghe Came Alone

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"You still have three hours to prepare everything, so do not make these three hours the last few hours of your life!"

After He Lan Chang spat out everything, his every syllable laced with resentment, he slammed down his phone. He did not give Chui Qian a chance to explain himself. Chui Qian put down his phone and a chill spread across his body like he was sitting inside an ice-box. The collective pressure over the past week had drained the color from his face and his movements were mechanical.

He sat there blankly, unsure of what to do. The sunlight filtered through the window blinded him until he felt light-headed and light of breathing. After a long contemplation under such a stressed environment, Chui Qian took a deep breath and called Xinghe. "Miss Xia, I am running out of time. If I do not announce my resignation from the presidency before twelve, He Lan Chang will have my life. Perhaps, this is where our cooperation ends."

"There are still three hours before twelve," Xinghe said softly.

Chui Qian laughed self-deprecatingly and said, "Indeed, there are still three hours before twelve. Do you know it took me almost ten years under his control before I managed to get to this seat? However, he only gave me three hours to give it up. This may be a good thing because finally I can get away from the pressure. To be frank, I do not mind giving up this post, but after that, I will be another one of He Lan Chang\'s abandoned chess pieces. If this is He Lan Chang we are talking about, my days are already numbered. I am already prepared to face the consequences from accepting this devil\'s bargain, but I am indeed sorry I am unable to aid you until the very end. I wish all of you the best. I have tried my best."

There were heavy traces of sadness and despair in Chui Qian\'s voice. It sounded like all hope had been drained out of his life.

After his little confession, Xinghe responded calmly, "Mr. Chui, you have already been such a great help to us. Watch these three hours closely. You will not need to give up everything and will soon escape He Lan Chang\'s control. This is the reward you have earned for choosing to cooperate with us."

Chui Qian was taken aback. "What did you say?"

He really could survive with every part of him still intact and more than that, escape from He Lan Chang\'s control?

Xinghe did not repeat herself. She said, "The reality will show you. Mr. Chui, wait for my good news. It is time for me to go see He Lan Chang."

"You\'re going to see He Lan Chang‽" Chui Qian sucked in his breath from shock. "You cannot do that; he will not let you walk out his villa alive!"

Xinghe smiled on the other end of the phone. "You\'ve got that the wrong way around. I will not forgive He Lan Chang for everything that he has done. Mr. Chui, I shan\'t continue to convince you with words; you shall see for yourself who is right in a little while."

With that, Xinghe hung up without much explanation. Chui Qian was sick with worry. Can Xinghe really take down He Lan Chang in a short period of time?

Chui Qian thought it was unlikely, but she did sound absurdly confident on the phone. Chui Qian could not help but cheer for her and pray for her safety.

However, on the other hand, his logic told him, how could she topple someone as powerful as He Lan Chang on such short notice?

In any case, Chui Qian could not figure out what Xinghe\'s plan was, but she was his only hope. Therefore, Chui Qian fidgeted in the president\'s office, praying to hear from her the good news…

Xinghe went alone to He Lan Villa. Her sudden arrival gave He Lan Chang the shock of his life. He Lan Chang\'s men were still going around the country looking for her and she presented herself to him at his house… He would not let this good opportunity slip out of his fingers.

However, his paranoia told him that, since she dared to come and face him alone, she must have come prepared.