Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 757: Everything Will Be Ending Soon (End of the Country R Arc)

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Chapter 757: Everything Will Be Ending Soon (End of the Country R Arc)

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

This meant that He Lan Chang could not pay his bail even if he wanted to. He Lan Qi had to remain behind bars. He was fuming in captivity. He was the young master of the prestigious He Lan family, how could they make him suffer through such humiliation?

He Lan Qi spent his every waking hour locked inside prison; he was close to breaking down. However, there was nothing he could do but wait for his father to find He Bin. Only by locating He Bin could his murder charge be cleared.

However, a long time had passed, and the police still could not find He Bin. Not only that, they could not even locate Xinghe\'s party.

At the same time, the He Lan family\'s business suffered greatly, they had lost quite a sizeable profit. The police came to investigate them every other day and it rubbed He Lan Chang the wrong way. He got increasingly annoyed as the days went by, and his desire to murder Xinghe and everyone around her gradually deepened.

His attitude towards Chui Qian also worsened. This was because Chui Qian until now had not found him the people he needed, He Lan Chang vented his anger on him almost daily. Chui Qian fed him multiple reasons to console him, but every time after he hung up his phone, Chui Qian\'s conviction to eliminate He Lan Chang only deepened.

However, it had been almost half a month and Xinghe still showed no sign of moving. If she did not initiate her plan soon, He Lan Chang would have his head.

He Lan Chang had lit a fire underneath Chui Qian and he immediately called Xinghe to enquire about her progress. "Miss Xia, He Lan Chang is losing his patience, he is almost at his limits. When will you start your plan?"

"Our plan has already started, and it has been going on smoothly. Tomorrow, we will need your help to arrange a way for us to get close to He Lan Qi again, do not worry because everything will come to an end soon," Xinghe said softly but there was a wealth of confidence in her voice.

Her answer stopped Chui Qian\'s line of question short. He replied excitedly, "Okay, I will go arrange everything immediately!"

At that point, he did not even care what their plan was anymore, he just wanted them to get He Lan Chang off his back. He was afraid he might not be able to hold on any longer.

However, to Chui Qian\'s surprise, after Xinghe\'s party secretly came into contact with He Lan Qi, He Lan Qi fell seriously ill. He was unconscious, burning from high fever. At the same time, he received a call from Xinghe that asked him to have He Lan Chang fetch his son back.

Chui Qian was stunned. "You want me to release He Lan Qi?"

Xinghe nodded. "That\'s right. He is currently unconscious and thus should return to his family or else He Lan Chang might raise a storm."

"What did you guys do to He Lan Qi?" Chui Qian asked anxiously. He might have agreed to cooperate with them and arrest He Lan Qi, but that did not mean that he would allow anything to happen to He Lan Qi because it was not time for that yet. If anything happened to He Lan Qi, He Lan Chang would have his life.

"Miss Xia, now is not the time to poke He Lan Chang!" Chui Qian reminded with a serious voice. "Before you have absolute confidence, you must not corner He Lan Chang or he might lash out indiscriminately."

Xinghe saw his concern immediately. She replied calmly, "Do not worry, He Lan Qi will not die, in fact, I would say, he is at the peak of his health. When he wakes up, everything will be over."

"Why?" Chui Qian was confused.

Xinghe smirked. "I cannot reveal the details just yet, I will explain everything when the case is sealed and done. Mr. Chui, we are one step away from the end, you must choose to believe in us because I can tell you, our plan will definitely be a success."

Chui Qian saw the confidence and determination glowing brightly in her eyes. For some strange reason, he felt reassured and chose to believe in her.