Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 756: The Plan

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Chapter 756: The Plan

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He was reminded that it was he who needed their help; he needed their aid to eliminate the He Lan family. He needed them more than they needed him…

"Okay, contact me tomorrow. Please take care of your safety because He Lan Chang has ordered assassinations on all of you," Chui Qian reminded them kindly.

"Thank you for your concern. We will be extra careful. Try not to arouse his suspicion on your end, be patient for a little while longer and we will be able to take them all down."

Xinghe\'s confidence gave Chui Qian a great surge of hope. He sighed in relief because it seemed like he had made the right choice.

"Then, I will await your good news. Tell me if a situation arises that requires my cooperation."

"Okay, Mr. Chui, let\'s hope for a rewarding cooperation."


Then, they both hung up at the same time. Mubai and the rest had heard from Xinghe\'s conversation that Chui Qian had agreed to working with them. He asked Xinghe with a smile, "Finally got his cooperation?"

Xinghe nodded. "Yes, from the way he sounded, I believe he has seen the light."

"Xinghe, how did you know he would eventually side with us?" Ali asked curiously. This was a question on everyone\'s mind.

Xinghe smiled. "Because he is afraid we will defeat the He Lan family. He has to pick his side soon or else his ending will not be pretty."

Sam laughed heartily. "Looks like this president is not dumb. And we just so happen to have the evidence of his criminal activities. If he did not choose to cooperate with us, I am sure he would be going down alongside the He Lan family!"

"This means that we won\'t be needing He Bin\'s testimony for now. In fact, if he does not betray us, we can keep the testimony forever," Xinghe said matter-of-factly, but there was a cruel undertone in her voice. Even though Chui Qian had chosen to cooperate with them, it did not mean that she trusted him completely and implicitly. Should he become a turncoat, Xinghe would not hesitate to destroy him.

However, he would not betray them because it wouldn\'t benefit him the least from making enemies from both sides. Regardless, his choice was the catalyst they were waiting for. With Chui Qian\'s cooperation, the rest of the plan could be carried out more easily. They just needed a little bit more time and the He Lan family would be over!

Then, the secrets of Project Galaxy would be cracked open and she would be able to locate her mother…

Xinghe could not wait for that day to arrive. However, this did not mean that it would make her careless just because she was so close to her goal. In anything, she was even more cautious and checked her every step. She would not allow anyone or anything to stand in the way of her!

She would remove all obstructions!

No one could stop her desire to flatten the He Lan family. Mubai and her friends were fully in support of her.

Even Lu Qi was in her corner. The second day, Lu Qi was brought to Country R. After fetching him in secret, they went to meet up with He Lan Qi.

Chui Qian had arranged everything. He slipped some sleeping pills into He Lan Qi\'s drink so that he would not know they were doing to him. Xinghe\'s plan was officially kick-started. That moment was the moment the He Lan family\'s fate started its decline towards destruction.

In fact, He Lan Chang could feel a bad omen weighing down on him. Other than breathing down Chui Qian\'s neck, he also arranged his men to look for Xinghe\'s group. He Lan Chang was beyond the point of caring. His order was to kill anyone from Xinghe\'s group on the spot should they be seen.

However, Xinghe\'s group had gone into hiding. No matter how hard his men searched for them, they were not to be found.

The negative discussion about He Lan Qi had never stopped. It continued to be the most discussed topic in Country R.