Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 755: Agree to Cooperate

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Chapter 755: Agree to Cooperate

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However, he had many weaknesses that He Lan Chang knew of and that was why he was always obsequious towards him. Regardless, he had reached his limit; he could not stand being his puppet anymore.

Furthermore, it was obvious from the series of misfortunes that kept happening to the He Lan family that the Shen family planned to fight them to the death. Eventually, he would also be burnt by the fires. Therefore, the wise choice was to collaborate with the Shen family to remove He Lan Chang, only then he would have the chance to survive.

Before He Lan Chang\'s hectoring call, Chui Qian still had his reservations about his decision, but now he had decided. He lost all hesitation; he was going to accept Xinghe\'s offer at cooperation!

After Chui Qian made his decision, he immediately contacted Xinghe. Xinghe was indeed waiting for his call.

Xinghe picked up her phone that was ringing and a weighty smile blossomed on her face when she saw the caller ID. "Chui Qian is calling."

Ee Chen and the rest were excited. "Xinghe, you might as well go be a fortune-teller! Quick, answer the call and let\'s hear him out."

Xinghe nodded and pressed the answer button leisurely. "Hello, Mr. President, how are you?"

"Good afternoon, Miss Xia." Chui Qian also kept up the charade. "Miss Xia, there is a new video that appeared online today, I wonder if you have seen it?"

Xinghe was not surprised by his question. She answered it honestly. "I have, in fact, I believe I might have been the first one to see it."

If she said she was the first one to see it, then chances were, she was the one who released it…

Chui Qian was more convinced that the earlier video about Angel Orphanage was her handiwork as well. He was very impressed by her party. They not only managed to capture the He Lan family\'s slip up on film but also shuttled He Bin out of He Lan Villa without anyone noticing. These feats were not doable by just anyone.

If he chose to be their enemy, Chui Qian believed evidence harmful against him would fall into their hands eventually as well. Chui Qian was not that naïve to think this was a problem that could be solved by having them assassinated. After all, Xinghe represented Hwa Xia, if anything happened to her while she was in his country, Hwa Xia would demand an explanation. Furthermore, there must be a direct line of information between her and Hwa Xia\'s president. Therefore, removing one Xia Xinghe was pointless unless he could remove the entire Hwa Xia!

Thankfully, Xinghe had reached out towards him for cooperation, their main target was not him, so he still had a chance at survival and that chance was cooperating with them.

Chui Qian said openly, "Miss Xia, I have thought long and hard about the thing that you mentioned to me last time and I agree to cooperate with you."

Chui Qian said with confidence, because what other choices did he have?

"Mr. President has made a brilliant decision! Do not worry, I assure you this is not going to be a decision that you will regret," Xinghe said with a smile, and the promise was like a balm that soothed Chui Qian\'s worried heart. Since he was not in their line of fire, it made sense for him to cooperate and not sign his own death warrant.

"Miss Xia, what will your next course of action be?" Chui Qian asked directly, dropping all the airs of a president.

"Our next course of action is to wait, of course, you will also do the same. Tomorrow, after our people get here, we will need you to help arrange a secret meeting for us with He Lan Qi. We will explain everything else to you when the time is right."

Hearing that, Chui Qian swallowed his questions. From the way she laid down the plan details and the tone of her voice, Xinghe sounded like a woman with her own ideals.

At the same time, she was telling him, even though she selected him as a corroborator, it did not mean that she was going to abide herself to his every command. They were equal partners in this relationship.