Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 753: Eye of the Storm

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Chapter 753: Eye of the Storm

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Xinghe did not have to volunteer that piece of information, but she not only did but also promised him protection. This touched He Bin…

At the same time, this improved his trust in her, and he believed that she was a woman of her words. Therefore, He Bin kept no secrets and told her everything he knew…

He Bin\'s testimony was very useful. His revelation would definitely be enough to shake the Chui family and the He Lan family\'s positions. There was no need for ironclad evidence for something as serious as collusion. As long as there was a witness, it was enough to mobilize the whole country into protests and resistance. No matter how powerful the Chui family and the He Lan family were, they were unable to face the entire nation.

Furthermore, there was the democrats waiting for them to make a mistake, to pull them down. Therefore, He Bin\'s testimony was immensely valuable. In fact, he, as a witness, was crucial as well, therefore Xinghe\'s group had to ensure his physical safety from then on.

While Xinghe was recording He Bin\'s testimony, He Lan Chang finally discovered He Bin had disappeared. He had been rescued by someone!

How someone could have snuck into He Lan Villa and saved He Bin without tipping off anyone in the compound? This completely enraged He Lan Chang!

The logical conclusion was the party who saved He Bin belonged to Xia Xinghe. However, how did they manage to infiltrate He Lan villa without leaving any trace on the surveillance?

He Lan Chang soon came to the answer, they must have tweaked the surveillance!

He was surprised by Xinghe\'s capability; he hadn\'t thought she would be able to hack the best security system in the country. Now that he thought about it, he was certain she had been watching them all along. These thoughts made He Lan Chang shiver involuntarily.

He immediately ordered to have all the security cameras in He Lan villa removed and increase the guard number. Then, he ordered Chui Qian to start investigating Xia Xinghe to find out whether it was her party who saved He Bin.

If it was, then Chui Qian was ordered to eliminate He Bin on sight! He could not allow this hidden threat to survive anymore. He was also further convinced of the fact that He Bin had betrayed him. Little did he know it was because of his suspicions that caused the betrayal.

On the other hand, He Lan Chang had some reserved suspicions about Chui Qian, but his logical side told him that it was all a misdirection by He Bin. He had Chui Qian under his fingertips and they shared a linked relationship, hurting one equaled to harming another. Therefore, He Lan Chang preferred to believe that Chui Qian had not contacted the Shen family behind his back.

However, that did not mean that He Lan Chang was willing to overlook this suspicion. His latest order was also a test. If Chui Qian could find He Bin and remove him, then He Lan Chang would believe he had not betrayed them, however, if he could not manage something as simple as that, then He Lan Chang would have to reconsider his loyalty.

Chui Qian, who received the order, was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Xinghe had extended him an olive branch and she had the whole Hwa Xia supporting her; he really did not want to miss the opportunity to make such a powerful ally. However, he understood if he did not follow He Lan Chang\'s order, he could not guarantee that his life would still be safe.

Caught in the conundrum, Chui Qian really did not know how to decide. He had no idea whether he should continue silencing his conscience and work for He Lan Chang or choose to cooperate with Xinghe and obtain absolute freedom. Either choice came with a great risk. One wrong step and he would be ruined.

Therefore, Chui Qian had decided to start the search while deciding what to do next. However, right then, a video suddenly surfaced online!

The video once again exposed the He Lan family and pushed them right back into the storm of public opinion.